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Re: How to connect a Qnap NAS to the internet through wifi only?

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Bob Zelin
Re: How to connect a Qnap NAS to the internet through wifi only?
on Aug 23, 2019 at 9:36:28 pm

Hi Steve -
replies below -

I'm on the cusp of purchasing a QNAP TVS-872XT for our small production studio and have a quick question. We have public wifi with good download (>150mbps) but slow (~5mbps) upload speeds and no access to a hard-line network connection.

REPLY - the TVS-872XT is a very nice product. You are about to ask questions about Upload/Download. Even with Verizon Fios, you get crappy upload/download speeds.
Now, you may ask, "well, what if I had $60,000 to spend on a better system - would I get better upload/download speeds from my internet provider". Simple answer - NO.
And to take this one step further. I have the worst horrible Spectrum Cable internet connection - and even I get 10 Mb/sec upload. You are doomed.

I can connect the NAS to our router/modem at home to get it setup and configured, but I would like to be able to setup the NAS to make regular cloud backups and occasionally access it remotely. Is connecting it to the internet as simple as buying a USB dongle (i.e. the ASUS USB-AC51 Dual Band Wireless AC600 Wi-Fi Adapter)? Or do I need to do something more involved? I know the NAS has an open PCIE slot to add a QNAP wi-fi adapter card, but I plan on using that to add a second 10G port.

REPLY - The correct router for any network attached storage system is the Synology RT2600ac.
You connect this to your WAN connection (your cable modem) and then you have both WiFi, and wired internet access. This product is $199. If you say "$199 - oh my God - we can't afford $199" - well, I will have to fly to your location and kill you. It's that simple. Getting tortured in prison, and eventually killed will be better than having to have someone that can't spend $199 to make a living.

Also, if anyone has any insight/advice on setting up a cloud backup of an NAS, please feel free to share. I figure backing up large video files is going to take forever, especially with those slow upload speeds (I'm going to talk to our IT guy to see if there's anything that could speed it up), but we're not shooting every day, so if it takes a few days to backup a shoot—but then we have an off-site backup—that's better than not having an off-site backup.

REPLY - if you have IT guys, then why ask here ? There is no miracle to "speed things up". You get a faster internet connection. It's as simple as that. The QNAP will have direct links to things like
Google Drive, Dropbox, Backblaze B2, Amazon AWS, and plenty of others, and its FREE. But even for free, you STILL have to pay for a decent upload speed, or the entire thing is useless.
That means, that if you give your money to QNAP, or Synology or LumaForge, or Facilis or EditShare or AVID, or GB Labs or anyone else, and you STILL wont' pay for a decent internet connection - well, you are screwed.

As for off site backup - if you buy a second QNAP (oh no !) - the software is built into the QNAP to go from QNAP 1 to QNAP 2 (the backup system) - and that is free. You know what is not free ?
The decent internet connection.

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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