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Re: Low light and VX2100 vs. DSR-PD170 vs. HDR-FX1

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Craig SeemanRe: Low light and VX2100 vs. DSR-PD170 vs. HDR-FX1
by on Nov 21, 2005 at 12:42:45 am

There's the pixel number and capture technology as well as the compression. Since the reference was to compression I'll stick to that. DVCProHD is less compressed and doesn't use a GOP structure. HDCAM I believe is even less comressed as is HDCAM SR. They all have some compression. HDV is the heaviest but uses a CBR MPEG2 recording method and GOP structure to improve quality relative to file size (kinda like DVD).

If I had my druthers I'd prefer DVCProHD. That wasn't economically possible for many of use but the Panasonic HVX-200 may change that. Given the expense of recording (P2 or Focus Enhancements Hard Drive) and archival (to what I'm not sure yet but Blu Ray disk might be an option as well as one of the data tape formats), it's may still be more expensive than HDV. It may be worth it depending on your client base and whether you need long records or can periodically back up your P2 or Hard Drive record system during a shoot.

There's no "best" camera. You need to thing about the types of shoots you do (want to do) and then people might point you towards the advantages and disadvantages of each format/camera.

For example - I wouldn't consider shooting a wedding with an HVX-200.
I would consider shooting a feature movie with it.
The Z1 might be better for a documentary where you may have long records and be in locations away from home, making backing up Hard Drives (or P2 cards) impractical.
If I were doing local cable spots that might appear on an HD channel or a movie screen I'd prefer the HVX-200.
Because of HDV motion artifacts I probably wouldn't want to use the Z1 for fast action or xtreme sports. The HVX-200 can shoot at 720p60 which would be nice for slow motion with such sports (if you can deal with the data back up).
The HVX-200 can do both 720p24 and 1080p24 if you like 24fps progressive.
In general, there's no easy way to color correct HDV unless you buy a card to convert the signal to video for an external monitor so you can check the look.

Nope, no single best camera. It depends on what you're shooting.

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