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Roles and compound clips

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Brian paterson
Roles and compound clips
on Oct 10, 2018 at 8:39:47 pm

I am relatively new to FCPX and have been struggling for longer than I care to admit, to make progress having been a former fcp7 user.
Bit by bit, kicking and biting it seems I have had no option but to toe the line and fall into place behind these new working practices and my latest attempt at learning a new part of this programme was to try and get to grips with "Roles".
For my initial trial run after spending many many hours reading and watching You Tube clips abut "Roles" I decide to bite the bullet having come to the conclusion that FCPX would not let me work in the orderly fashion I would like to unless I did what it wanted me to do in it's own dictatorial way.
I am currently working on a film of the sea crashing on rocks on a wet windy and rainy day and in order to bring it all to life the soundtrack was going to be the most challenging.
As the sound of falling rain was going to be a major player in the edit I choose a suitable clip which I extended by copying and pasting several times and then made this into a compound clip to make it easier to extend further.
As the project got larger and I added sound effects of thunder, crashing waves, more rain etc etc I found the audio clips were getting out of hand and as I could not control which lanes they were going in due to FCPX's new way of working they were eventually becoming confusing and difficult to make sense of.
So I thought, right! time to put "Roles" into practice.
The first thing I decided to do would be to gather up all the audio clips of falling rain and run them the entire length of the video, (about 10 minutes ) to give a background continuity. So I copied and pasted all the clips together and then as there were so many I decided to make a compound clip of them so they wouldn't jump about when I moved other sounds about.
So far so good.
I then remembered seeing videos of people using coloured Roles to make things clearer, assigning roles and changing lanes and doing other amazing things etc. So I thought great lets do that too.
And that's when it all fell apart......... Nothing about Roles I had watched on You Tube worked for me. I just could not reproduce what others were doing and no matter what I tried, no matter how many combinations and permutations I would conjure up, Roles were still another frustrating and impossible part of FCPX so it seems.
Eventually to ring the changes I got out of You Tube and went straight to Google in search of some answers where eventually I finally found out that Roles don't work with compound clips( apparently) ........... What!.. after all the time and effort I have spent trying to GO WITH this new way of working instead of fighting it. Unbelievable !
I can't tell you how many months I have given this programme my best shot convinced that if I persevered it would all come good but at every single turn it has thrown up nothing but problems...... Is there nothing straight forward about FCPX. !!! My life is ebbing away and I feel I am getting nowhere.
Please tell me somebody that there is a workaround for using compound clips with Roles as I have many many compound clips in this project and all I have been reading about is how great "Roles" are as the way to organise chaos and clutter into a more tidy and linear way of working.
I would organise all my clips into lanes myself as I see fit only this stupid magnetic thing won't let me and puts the clips where IT wants to put them rather than giving me the control.
I had thought "Roles" would be the answer to fcpx's intransigent regime and was quite willing to change my habits of a lifetime to accommodate it, but despite offering myself fully to a new way of working I feel I have received nothing but a slap in the face for my efforts.
IT's driving me MAD

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