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Re: How to best use green screen or other color if better to key the subject or if there is masking technique that is more effective in Final CUt

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ray butler
Re: How to best use green screen or other color if better to key the subject or if there is masking technique that is more effective in Final CUt
on Sep 25, 2018 at 1:28:18 am

Thanks Ronald this helps i am able to solve audio
Synch by using muliple ipads camera at different
Angles From my mic i run it into a splitter box which then
Has multiple outs for the signal which then go to
An IRIG interfaces then go to the indiv lighting ports
Of the ipad this allows perfect synch w all cameras
Running so when i change camera angles in the dfiting
The sound is also exact to what you see very important
For guitar players watching Final cut has a merge
Program so start of audios all line up as the cameras
Cant begin at same time I use a bluetooth
Button while sitting in chair to start and stop camera
What i was trying to ask though i did not clarify
Question properly is how to avoid the usual foreground
Of subject w green screen I want to if possible to have
My image to scale with the green screen vid overlay
For example i want transport me to to playing on the
A boardwalk on a dock somewhere in further back
So you see the boardwalk in foreground then me further
Back more towards sea And be able to zoom etc while
Keeping the correct proportion
It seems my editing of angles zoom pan etc would
Have to be done in conjuction of the green screen still

I watched other guitar vids and i can tell they
Recorded their perfect audio then
Go to the location outdoors and simulate playing
Which would require some headphone to hear
The audio this is nearly impossible to
Do esp w fast passages and classical music
Doesnt work w click tracks there are too many
Subtle shifts in tempo and sometimes pauses
And irregular meters
I may have to be on location and find
A good mic that i record audio as well
I was trying to use footage from exotic locations such
As playing brazilian piece in a rainforest and then
Segue into a street scene in rio etc
The most difficult part even without green screen
Is when i do segmented vids and then merge it into one
Video as its very difficult playing pieces perfect at least
By my standards i may play part 1 of piece where
It has a logical musical pause But instead of pausing i start
A tiny bit of next section as my fingers are in progress
Of moving to a new gtr position then i start the next
Section with my body position as closely as possible
To how i ended from isr section
It will look like a jump cut unless i do dissolve or edit one
Of the other camera angles and not show one of the hand
On the first section then the other hand showing on
Sectiin 2 or face only or without gtr showing
I was told otherwise it will look like a jump cut as the human
Eye can discern it even at 24 frames per second
I dont know if recording at more frames per second?
Thank you for your time i am only a novice w film editing
I could send you one of my vids to see if you think i suceeded
At doing the vid and audio in segments without
Noticing it wasnt done all in one take or if you see
Better ways to do it
Thanks Ray

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