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Re: FCPX - appears to be imploding....?

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Joe Marler
Re: FCPX - appears to be imploding....?
on Mar 19, 2018 at 10:10:30 pm

[vidda roshinns] "complete and utter freezing of not just FCPx but the computer also.... forget force quit, nothing works at all. The only way to get out of it is to hold the computer start button till computer shuts down and then restart... I have had to do this at leat 12 times in the last few days up to as many as 20 times."

In general this indicates a hardware or system software issue, not FCPX. Like Windows and other modern operating systems, each process in macOS is totally isolated from other processes and the system. It is normally impossible for an user-mode app to crash or hang the OS, whether by accident or intent.

You should first verify your backups in case the situation worsens. After that you can do the usual troubleshooting steps for cases like this:

- Check your free space on all volumes, esp. the boot drive. If the OS runs out of paging file space that can destabilize the OS and cause a crash or hang. This should be handled gracefully but is not always done.

- Run Disk First Aid on all volumes and verify no errors. Note that prior to High Sierra, you have to run it twice on each disk, once on the physical disk, then spin down the disclosure triangle and run it on the logical volume. Unfortunately First Aid only checks the file system and doesn't do a surface check. A failing hard drive can cause the system to lock up or destabilize. This could be bad block exceeding the retry limit, or a cable or on-board controller failure. First Aid will not catch those. There are various 3rd party drive tests, Disk Warrior is often recommended but I don't remember if it has a surface test. Disks with S.M.A.R.T. will often (but not always) report an error. Therefore another test is unplug as many hard drives as possible which will still allow problem replication. This may require copying a smaller data set to a test library.

- Run Apple Diagnostics. This is a simple test and if it finds no errors that is not a clean bill of health, but if it finds errors there's a definite problem:

- Re-install macOS. Unlike Windows, this can normally this can be done without wiping out all your apps, because there's no registry to blow away. However you should have a complete verified backup beforehand, ideally both Time Machine and image backup via Carbon Copy or similar.

- If those steps don't resolve it and diagnostics don't produce errors (and definitely if they do find errors) I suggest making an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar to have overnight bench diagnostic run. They have access to much more rigorous hardware diagnostics which will often find a marginal or transient problem. They can also examine the macOS system log for meaningful errors.

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