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Bill Davis
Re: Why FCPX?
on Oct 6, 2017 at 8:14:09 pm

[greg janza] "However, I didn't touch it until 2015 and I'm glad I waited because by then it was ready for prime time. And now I'm relatively neutral on the product. It's not my NLE of choice but I can appreciate it's merits."

That's a PERFECTLY rational explanation.

All I can do is suggest that by NOT doing what you did, (look, leave, wait a long time, and then re-engage) I feel like I got a tremendously larger and more valuable boost than any I might have gotten by waiting.

Those first two years while the industry had their heads largely turned away - a small group of us was head down going well beyond "how to just get my current edit done with X) - and instead started figuring out the aspects of the new tool that could ACTUALLY increase our workflow efficiency.

And many of us felt from DAY ONE that it very much could.

So here we are six years down stream - and just this week I'm seeing stories of some of my friends from 3-5 years ago - who have now gone through that long climb to real FCP X expertise - and it's paying really nice dividends for them.

Patrick Southern and David Tillman who just snagged Emmys yesterday. Mike Matzdorff, Jan Kovac, Darren Rourke - who EARLY ON saw the potentialof the FCP X workflow and learned how to actually leverage it.

That's what I'm hearing all throughout the X community right now. People hot to find truly qualified FCP X seat holders - and having serious trouble filling those seats. It's apparently not FCP X JOBS that are missing - cus I've seen lots of my FCP X friends landing them - but it's mostly the truly qualified folks in the TALENT pool.

Those "look - wait - then maybe" come back folks are NOT snagging those gigs. Perhaps because with just "look occasionally" and use it now and then - they aren't particularly qualified for them? The guys I see who ARE getting excellent FCP X gigs - are the guys who started learning it 5 and 6 YEARS ago.

They are the X editing equivalent of an AVID editor with 5 years experience. Which is WAY different than an editor with just 1.

I mean if YOU were hiring an editor to drive AVID - who would YOU hire? Certainly not a relative newbie in ITS language and practices? Why should X be any different?

I know I'd prefer to hire someone if I saw them on day one adding custom keywords to reflect their "in the flow" editorial thinking, using Auditions fluidly, and actually thinking "magnetically" while managing X's snapshots to leverage ideas and options.

I understand that real editors are NOT "button pushers" as much as "idea flow constructionists" but we've all seen editors approaching X with poor to moderate seat experience - rapidly reach the point of frustrated bitching, because what they REALLY want is to transport their AVID or Premiere cutting styles as closely as possible into X and just leave it at that.

Not how it really works - as you probably know.

Just food for thought.

Creator of XinTwo -
The shortest path to FCP X mastery.

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