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Charlie Austin
Re: Why FCPX?
on Oct 4, 2017 at 3:45:49 am

[andy patterson] "Having said that you have to assign the roles and also setup the roles so there is time spent doing that upfront."

That is already done, as the Roles are set before the edit starts. There is some setup involved with different GFX and or VO tags, or if you start from stems, but it takes no more time than setting up a seqeunce in any other NLE.

[andy patterson] "If I have four dialogue tracks, four effects track, one sound track and an ambient music track and the producer wants just an export of the four dialogue tracks I can have it done in one second by simple soloing the four tracks using my $59.99 Korg nanoKontrol 2 control surface."

I can do the same thing using Roles. The video I made was in a project using stems, but it's the same workflow with dozens of "tracks". 18-24+ stereo "tracks" are the norm, and using Roles to manage this is dead simple.

[andy patterson] "Even then on export you have to mouse click after mouse click after mouse click to get the correct export of audio elements. You have to hope you don't forget about turning on and off sub roles as well."

No, you do not. You do it once for each version and save a preset. Then, for all subsequent versions of different spots, it's 3 clicks for each export, you need pay no attention to anything but the second click where you select the preset, that's the beauty of it. ☺ You always need to QC the exports, but that's true in any system.

[andy patterson] "I don't have to mouse click after mouse click after mouse click to mute and solo tracks"

Again, you do not need to do any of that. You *do* need to do that in a track/mixer NLE for digital file output. It's not just soloing, and this workflow is not for one cut. It's for situations where you have 5 or 6 different spots, with 5 or 6 different versions for each. Individual versions will have different track configurations, and may require both Stereo and Mono comps of the same material in the same file. In advertising, this is the norm.

[andy patterson] "There is also no time spent upfront assigning roles."

You have to put your clips into the tracks and edit it right? That's all you do in X. Setting up Roles takes very little time and, again, it's all usually done well before you get to this point anyway. But even if you need to do it at the same time, it's as fast or faster than arranging tracks

[andy patterson] "I can also EQ the entire audio track and clean it up in seconds. You can do it clip by clip as well. "

Me too. ☺

This discussion is way off topic, but as I said, I've been doing this for a very long time, starting with Otari ProDisc and 24 track tape, slaved to video layed back to DigiBeta or D2. Then Avid Audiovision, DAT tapes, ADAT, Media Composer, FCP 7, Premiere, and FCP X. For the kind of versioning that needs to be done for movie marketing, FCP X currently cannot be beat. MC has some output presets now, but they're not remotely as flexible or easy to use as FCP X and Roles.


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