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Joe Marler
Re: Bin or Reel - The Debate!
on May 2, 2017 at 12:58:38 pm

[Franz Bieberkopf] "I’m not sure why you label sequence-based organization as a “primitive method” - both are as old as film (at least)."

As you described, sequence-based organization is as old as film itself. They didn't have computerized asset management in 1930. Today we do. In that sense solely using sequence-based organization is primitive. This doesn't mean it should be shunned or isn't useful. However there's a difference between using sequence-based organization vs using only that. Using Premiere + CatDV or Avid Interplay or FCPX, you can mix and match whatever degree of database vs sequence-based organization you want. It's not like you are restricted to one method -- unless your product doesn't provide that capability.

[Franz Bieberkopf] "...If you’re not convinced that this method is valuable, productive, creative, and necessary given 3 examples of working editors using it, how many examples would it take? What would convince you? By what standard are you going to dismiss them?

I'm not saying using sequence-based organization isn't valuable or useful. You can do that in FCPX anytime you want. But you are not restricted *solely* to that. I don't dismiss sequence-based organization, only that rigidly holding solely to that method is restrictive given the technology now available. If that by itself was always sufficient, nobody would use MAMs.

[Franz Bieberkopf] "...The implication in your posting seems to be that Frederick Wiseman is “inefficient” is his filmmaking. My question would be this: how do you judge the efficiency of filmmaking? You will be quite able to find someone who can “finish” faster on any given project (including Wiseman’s films). Would that be “more efficient” in your mind?"

Wiseman himself now shoots digitally and edits on Avid. He admits it enables him to find content faster. He is philosophical about whether it speeds up the overall process, but in no interview has he analytically evaluated this. It's just a gut feel -- metaphysical. If he can find content faster using Avid, then *something* is being sped up, and he's productively spending that time elsewhere.

[Franz Bieberkopf] Wiseman: “'I got the idea as I get all my ideas: I take a lot of showers.”

Walter Murch once said something similar, and here is Edgar Burcksen's (LucasFilm, EditDroid) view of that (18:47):

[Franz Bieberkopf] Wiseman: "....Jackson Heights was 170 hours [of raw material].  The film was just a bit more than three hours, I think.  Shooting ratio roughly of 60/1.  During the shooting, I just collect sequences...."

Of *course* he just collects sequences. That's all his software can do. He's not going to saw wood with a hammer. Through decades of experience, he is familiar with that ingrained working style. This is why the EditDroid had a shuttle dial just like a KEM, and graphically presented tracks like a flatbed editor, because editors would otherwise have difficulty learning it:

We're now 33 years past EditDroid, and computers can do a lot more to assist than just mimicking tracks of film and mag tape.

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