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Re: Is this why the new Mac Pro has been taking so long?

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Tim Wilson
Re: Is this why the new Mac Pro has been taking so long?
on Apr 5, 2017 at 6:38:37 pm

[Walter Soyka] "I see significant HP brand loyalty in production, and I have a good amount of it myself. I guess it depends where you look."

Yes, in the world of people who use PCs -- AND THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM -- there's a lot of brand loyalty to HP.

Dell not yet, but I can see it happening. The big issue is that their original raison d'etre was being cheap, not necessarily good or fast at all. It's only been a few years that there's been a move toward quality. My XPS 15 laptop is my favorite computer I've ever owned. I'll put it up against ANY Mac laptop, and I've owned a couple dozen of them, in at least one of every form factor up until the last 2, going all the way back to THIS thing in 1987, the Apple-licensed Walkmac:

I prefer everything about the Dell XPS 15 to every Mac laptop I've owned -- the speed, the rubberized deck, its solidity, the keyboard, and, yes, the gorgeous 4K touchscreen. It's absolutely hilarious to me to sit around with my all-Apple family, we're all just goofing around and talking while we're checking email (a very tech-y family at that, including a couple who worked in upper-level exec positions at Apple) and watch them start touching their own computer screens and being surprised and frustrated when nothing happens.

So, I vastly prefer it to any of couple dozen Mac laptops I've owned, but do I have brand loyalty to Dell yet? Not really, because I remember all the years that they were exploiting Moore's Law and just-in-time component sourcing to intentionally build computers that were only worth keeping around for a few months, if they actually lasted that long....which was by no means a given.

Nowadays, a different story, but I bought mine based on my wife's experience with HER XPS 15 from the year before, so this is where I'll start the search for my next one when the time comes....but to our communal observation here, mine's 2 years old, and still bouncing off the walls like a little puppy. It already has T3 of course (common on the Win side long before Mac of course), so I don't foresee shopping for a new computer for quite a while.

And Walter, to your earlier observation about iDevices and MacBooks in the NY design community -- I'll add my own observation as a developer for both Mac-only and multiplatform companies is that there's no more iDevoted people on earth. Much moreso than Hollywood, which has a reputation as a Mac-centric town that simply isn't warranted. TONS of Windows in Hollywood, especially in VFX, finishing, and animation, and far more than you'd think in creative editorial, too. NY design, otoh is still the Big Apple. 😎

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