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Re: Is this why the new Mac Pro has been taking so long?

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andy patterson
Re: Is this why the new Mac Pro has been taking so long?
on Apr 4, 2017 at 9:18:53 pm

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "People are becoming hip to what the Surface Pro has to offer. Especially the Surface Studio"

The Surface Pro and Studio have completely different objectives. Just because they have touch in common doesn't mean they are simple variations of the same product."

I never stated they are the same thing. You should be able to look at the bigger picture without my guidance. Many iMac users have stated the Surface Studio is way better than their iMac when using Adobe's CC. Once the price of the Surface Studio drops you may have iMac users opting for the Surface Studio instead of an iMac like some have opted for the Surface Pro over the iPad. Does it make sense now?

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "I think you are kind of stuck on video editors."

Not at all. I actually see very few folks with iPads or Surfaces. The ones with Surfaces (which also includes my daughter) are largely using them as a lighter laptop. Professionally these include ad agency creatives. Sure, drawing may be part of it, but not for much other than doodling on glass instead of paper."

Don't include your daughter. As I have stated some Apple users have opted for the Surface Pro because it runs the Adobe CC. The iPad cannot. With the Surface Studio MS has offered a better solution for Adobe's CC users than Apple's iMac. As I stated earlier some iMac users (not all) that have Adobe's CC have stated once the price drops on the Surface Studio they will get one. I am not a fan of all in one computers like the iMac but the interaction of Surface Studio with the Surface Dial even got my attention.

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "You had stated at times you had to chose between your iPad and Macbook. You left that part out of the quote. With the Surface Pro you have one device that can work as a laptop or a tablet. No need to but two products. "

That's because it's irrelevant. I want two different products because they service different purposes. The iPad is light to travel with (lighter and less cumbersome than the Surface) and does what I need. If I need to edit, then I bring the laptop. The alternative option for me might have been the small MacBook, but then that would be more challenged for editing."

If the iPad had OS X with touch screen support and an i7 you would not need two device. Do people bring a touch screen Dell Laptop and a Surface Pro both? Do you finally see my point? I don't doubt in a few years Apple will have all their products use either iOS (total revamp) or OS X (total revamp) but not both.

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] " You can edit 4K using the Surface Pro. You will not see it playback at full resolution. That is why having a beefy system is still needed by a select few"

I can edit 4K on my MacBook Pro AND see it at full resolution. Plus I can connect USB3 and Tbolt external drives."

So can the Surface Pro if you opt for MJPEG. Are you editing Camera RAW 4K files or R3D files at full 4K? If so are you connect to a 4K monitor. If not you might as well watch 4K at draft quality as opposed to full resolution.

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "You can use it as a tablet if you use the Metro GUI or you can use it a laptop if you have a keyboard connected. The iPad cannot function in two different modes and does not support a desktop OS. You do realize the Surface Pro uses Windows 10 64 bit don't you? "

I personally hate the Metro GUI and yes, I know it can run W10. In general, I'm not enamored with a touch GUI to start with, but it's functional on the iPad. Sony's Catalyst products and changes made to Premiere Pro to address touch interfaces in order to provide cross-platform support, have made parts of those interfaces worse when using these apps on standard high-resolution desktop and laptop screens. The UI design is needlessly "horsey" as a result. This is part of the justification for a macOS/iOS separation and I think Apple has been quite successful with it."

The fact that you hate the Metro GUI is of no importance. As I have stated the Surface Pro can run the Adobe CC software the iPad cannot. Sony's Catalyst is a none issue for an iPad user opting for the Surface Pro. Some parts of the GUI for audio and video can be useful when used with a thouch screen but not all parts are.

[Oliver Peters] "The UI design is needlessly "horsey" as a result. This is part of the justification for a macOS/iOS separation and I think Apple has been quite successful with it."

You don't have to use the Metro Mode on a MS 10 desktop, laptop or tablet. You can use the Metro GUI for certain programs and the Desktop GUI for other programs. What you don't have to do is buy two devices (iPad iMac). How is the iPad not being capable of running Illustrator a success? As I stated many CC users are finding the iPad Pro very limited for their needs because it uses iOS. As I have stated you can use all Windows 10 tablets like a tablet or a laptop/desktop by simply adding a keyboard. I can run Premiere Pro on the Surface Pro in Desktop mode. No need for a laptop and tablet both. See my point? Keep in mind IPads and Macbooks are not inexpensive. How is buying two devices and spending more money successful?

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "If you don't want to believe me you don't have to. I am just telling you like it is. Having said that please explain to me why an Apple iPad Pro would be a better option than a MS Surface Pro?"

It's not a question of belief. Show me the numbers.

I don't have numbers. I told you what Leo Leporte (Apple Loyalist) had stated. You can find Youtube videos of Apple users opting for the Surface Pro over the iPad and even stating the Surface Studio is better than their iMac for thier needs. I have friends that love Apple but admit the iOS/OS X paradigm is not a slick as the Windows 10 Metro Mode and Desktop Mode GUI paradigm.

[Oliver Peters] "As I've said all along, these two products are aimed at different objectives, which is something you aren't willing to accept."

I am willing to accept there are Apple loyalist that will use Apple products even if they are inferior. I am not saying the iPad will not work OK for some people's needs. What I am saying time and time again is that Apple is loosing customers because of the MS Surface Studio and Surface Pro. That is something you are not willing to admit. I don't doubt after the launch of the Surface Studio Apple wishes OS X had touch screen support.

[Oliver Peters] " Whether or not you or I might want Apple to produce a different product is not important. Apple is going to produce the best product for the market that it is trying to address - or in some cases - create."

I agree. Apple does what is best for Apple. That is what allows me to make my honest criticisms.

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