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Re: Is this why the new Mac Pro has been taking so long?

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andy patterson
Re: Is this why the new Mac Pro has been taking so long?
on Apr 4, 2017 at 8:10:37 pm

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "By not making OS X touch screen compatible Apple is losing out. "

I'm not sure the numbers bear that out. Yes, iPad sales aren't increasing, but they still beat other tablets."

People are becoming hip to what the Surface Pro has to offer. Especially the Surface Studio. The Surface Studio will drop in price and get even better.

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "Without an i7 and OS X the iPad cannot meet the needs of many creative professionals."

I don't see many creatives clamoring to use a tablet as their main computer. So it's really a non-issue."

I think you are kind of stuck on video editors. People that use Photoshop and Illustrator user the Surface Pro to draw on. The Surface Studio is even better. I remember when the iPad launched and they showed people using the iPad as a sketch pad. Many people do the same thing with the Surface Pro. That is why MS made the Surface Studio to make the interaction even better.

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "With the Surface Pro you only need one device."

Baloney. You're the guy arguing for a hot-rodded machine to do RED Raw at 8K natively in real-time. Not exactly in the Surface's wheelhouse. So a single machine doesn't actually serve all the needs."

You had stated at times you had to chose between your iPad and Macbook. You left that part out of the quote. With the Surface Pro you have one device that can work as a laptop or a tablet. No need to buy two products. You can edit 4K using the Surface Pro. You will not see it playback at full resolution. That is why having a beefy system is still needed by a select few. Keep in mind I stated for many people a laptop will work OK. You forgot to mention that. It should not be hard to comprehend that everyone will have different editing needs and Apple should offer solutions to meet those needs. I stand by that statement but I never stated everyone needs to edit 8K R3D files. Try to comprehend what I am actually saying instead of what you think I am saying.

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "You are actually proving my point. "

How do you figure that? I use the iPad when traveling in the case that I didn't need to edit on-site. It's a purpose-designed device and I use it accordingly."

Once again you left out the part about choosing between the iPad and Macbook. With the Surface Studio you only need one device. You can use it as a tablet if you use the Metro GUI or you can use it a laptop if you have a keyboard connected. The iPad cannot function in two different modes and does not support a desktop OS. You do realize the Surface Pro uses Windows 10 64 bit don't you?

[Oliver Peters] "[andy patterson] "Why would a PC user switch to an inferior product? "

Again, we're talking about iPads. So it just seems like you don't understand its market."

There is not a market for the iPad anymore other than loyal Apple customers buying it. As I stated people do use the Surface Studio as a sketch pad for Illustrator. Why would the creative professionals that use Adobe's CC opt for an iPad over the Surface Pro? Illustrator does not work on the iPad. Let me put it to you like this. What if the Surface Pro used a 32 bit Cellphone CPU from 3 years ago and also ran a 32 bit OS. Then you might have to say I use my Dell laptop for some things and my Surface Pro for other things. Don't get me wrong. In another two years Apple will either have iOS on all their devices or OS X on all their devices. Some Apple users talk about the great integration between iOS and OS X. Why bother? On the Windows side there is simply one OS that does it all. Does it kind of make sense now?

I know of several Apple users who still have an iMac but opted for the Surface Studio over the iPad Pro. Even Leo Laporte who once was a big Apple loyalist loved the Surface Studio and even stated there is no need to opt for an iPad over the MS Surface Pro. Many people have criticized Apple about the iPad still using a mobile OS. Leo even said Windows 10 is awesome. Many people think MS is doing a better job at giving graphic designers a more useful product than Apple. If you don't want to believe me you don't have to. I am just telling you like it is. Having said that please explain to me why an Apple iPad Pro would be a better option than a MS Surface Pro? Keep in mind the iPad/iOS incorporated things from the Windows Metro GUI.

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