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Re: Is this why the new Mac Pro has been taking so long?

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andy patterson
Re: Is this why the new Mac Pro has been taking so long?
on Apr 3, 2017 at 11:36:40 pm

[Ronny Courtens] "And most Apple users haven't done anything like this. I think the vast majority of people using Apple computers are quite happy with what Apple has to offer these days, and I don't see the MacPro as something this vast majority uses or even needs. Not even those of us working in television or film production."

I agree Apple could release a new laptop with an old Pentium 4 and call it The Retro and some people would still buy it.

[Ronny Courtens] "A year ago a friend who works at a large tv production company asked if they could have a few MacPros to try out because they were planning to buy 42 new computers to use with FCP X. They tested them for a few weeks and they decided to buy 42 maxed out iMacs instead because the price difference did not justify the performance gains. And these guys need performant hardware because they produce long-form television programs that often involve heavy 4K multicam projects that they want to edit natively. I spoke again with my friend not so long ago. He told me that since their purchase they have been delivering 200 hours of on-air content with the iMacs without any problems. So it seems to me like Apple's current product line is more than powerful enough to handle even the most demanding editing tasks."

No one stated they could not. Do you want to watch 4K ,6K and 8K at full resolution or draft quality?

[Ronny Courtens] "But I do agree that some people who work in specific niches in our business (VFX, 3D, VR etc...) would like to see more CPU and GPU power than the current MacPro can offer. If Apple does come up with an improved MacPro, good for them. If Apple does not produce a more powerful MacPro, I think those people may rightfully decide to switch to another platform."

That is my point : )

[Ronny Courtens] "The question is: is this really important? Because I already see quite some companies who happily use Macs for media management, editing and delivery alongside with Linux computers for VFX work or PCs for VR stitching (most stitching applications are Windows-only anyway)."

For some a laptop will work.

[Ronny Courtens] "As an example: another friend of mine is currently editing a 10 million Euro drama tv series for Spanish television. The show is cut on FCP X using 4 iMacs, VFX is done in-house with Mistika on a PC, audio is also done in-house running ProTools on an old MacPro, and all systems are happily connected with each other over a 100TB LumaForge Tower. Even if Apple releases a more powerful MacPro today, this won't matter to them at all. So where is the problem?"

Where is the problem? I thought you already answered your own Question. As you stated everyone has different needs. For them it is not a problem nor did I ever state or imply everyone is edit 8k R3D video files. I stated Apple should have more options. Having said that I know they will not offer them.

[Ronny Courtens] "Just use what you think is the most efficient hardware available for the specific work you need to do today, because we all know that tomorrow things may be completely different. At least, that's one thing I learned from being in this business for the past 38 years."

I agree but it would not hurt any Apple user to have the option of dual CPUs and Nvidia and AMD/ATI. That is my point. I am not saying the Apple computers do not work I am saying there should be more options.

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