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Re: 10.3.2 Is out - WOW review from a huge X facility in Europe.

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Andrew Kimery
Re: 10.3.2 Is out - WOW review from a huge X facility in Europe.
on Jan 22, 2017 at 3:15:58 am

[Bill Davis] "When you have a sword swung AT you enough - it's traditional to learn to parry and swing one right back.

If somebody "jumps the topic" of a thread away from a noted positive development in one software camp - in order merely to point out a "non-related balancing deficiency" in response - explain please why it suddenly becomes inappropriate for me to do the exact same thing?"

The figurative sword isn't being swung at YOU, it's being swung at FCP X. And unlike an actual sword being swung at someone in real life, figurative swords on the Internet don't require a reaction. On the Interent not engaging in behavior you don't like is as easy as choosing to not engage in behavior that you don't like. Lead by example. Engage in the conduct you would LIKE to see in the forum instead of the conduct you DISLIKE seeing in the forum. Follow the Golden Rule.

I never said it was inappropriate for you to do the exact thing. I was pointing out that its hypocritical for you to complain about people doing XYZ when you yourself do XYZ. If you want to swing swords then by all means swing swords. Just don't complain about the sword fights while you perpetuate them.

Eye for an eye and we all go blind and all that...

If you post something cool about X and someone craps on X for something completely unrelated then just politely remind the person that this thread is about cool and if they want to talk about crap then they can start their own thread talking about crap. If the talk about crap continues then I'm sure you can ask Tim if he can spin crap off into its own thread since it has nothing to do with cool. I know we are the kings of branching discussions in here, but I think it's fine for the thread starter to ask for completely unrelated discussions to get spun off into their own threads.

I try not to derail threads like that, though I'm sure I have in the past because I'm not perfect, but I'll be more mindful of it going forward. It is lame to post something cool, and then have someone else drop in something completely unrelated and negative just because they want to be negative. If we make a better effort to curb such behavior (such has having those comments spun off into their own threads) then it will probably wither and die because we are denying the thread bomber their ability to thread bomb.

Just my 2 cents.

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