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Re: 10.3.2 Is out - WOW review from a huge X facility in Europe.

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Oliver Peters
Re: 10.3.2 Is out - WOW review from a huge X facility in Europe.
on Jan 21, 2017 at 4:25:47 pm

[Bill Davis] "Well, just to be contentious, Randy U created Premiere YEARS before he created FCP X.
So the original statement is accurate in that case.
Also Adobe did the big Premiere Pro reboot years ahead of the FCP legacy to X reboot.
So the Premiere team had way more development time there as well. "

[Andrew Kimery] "You both (Bill, Oliver) are a bit off the mark.
Pro came out in 2003 and the first movie to grace the silver screen from it, AFAIK, was Dust to Glory in 2005. I...
...Next notable release was..."

You are both right, depending on how you want to argue the timeline. And so is Scott. However, just to clarify my point, I was really comparing the relative starting points of Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X.

Premiere/PPro has gone through numerous iterations in 25 years. The version that Randy developed was a completely different animal. It was largely a multimedia editor and not an NLE, per se. Think PowerPoint/Keynote for a/v files. IIRC, that ended at 4.2 and after that he was out of the development team. The subsequent versions were Premiere 5-6, which were an awful lot like FCP 1.0, without Randy's participation. Although many would consider that a crude application compared with Media Composer at the time, I actually onlined/graded a 1-hr PBS documentary in 2003 that had been offline-edited by a station editor using Premiere 5.5. I conformed/tweaked/graded it in Avid DS and audio post was in Pro Tools, so even in that form, the hooks to the outside world were there. Then came Premiere Pro, CS and CC.

I would consider Premiere to have gone through four major iterations to date:
Premiere up to 4
Premiere 5-6
Premiere Pro up to CS6
Premiere Pro CC

Likewise, I would consider Final Cut to have gone through four, as well:
FCP 1-7
FCPX 10.0
FCPX 10.1-10.2
FCPX 10.3

These are somewhat arbitrary divisions, but they are based on significant architectural and feature changes that make each change a very different application from the previous version. It could be that there were really more iterations within FCP 1-7, but I'm not counting feature changes/additions. I'm just thinking of changes that fundamentally altered the application or how it was/is used.

Regarding feature films and Premiere Pro in recent years, Fincher's team shifted to Premiere Pro for several reasons:
FCP7 was dead
Kirk Baxter had already been cutting on Premiere Pro
Tight integration with After Effects
Adobe's willingness to embed software engineers within the production

Judging by things I've heard on and off the record, the most pain-free feature film experiences with Premiere have been the work the Bandito Brothers have done, as well as with the Coens' team on "Hail, Caesar!". Of course, the teams behind the films that have been cutting on FCPX ("Focus", "Whisky Tango Foxtrot", "Voice from the Stone") are also happy with using X.

So ultimately, it's tough to call true bragging rights for any of this. All productions have pain-points and the teams somehow make it work regardless. Each company can legitimately point to successes and we users benefits from the challenges encountered and fixed along the way.

- Oliver

Oliver Peters Post Production Services, LLC
Orlando, FL

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