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Re: FCP X features or lack thereof. Your opinion on the rationale.

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Robin S. Kurz
Re: FCP X features or lack thereof. Your opinion on the rationale.
on Nov 29, 2016 at 5:43:59 pm

[Michael Gissing] "Apple have gone part of the way with xml although any hope that there could be a standard in xml seems impossible."

You do know what the "X" stands for and why that is exactly the whole point, right?

[Michael Gissing] "In other areas standards have been agreed to like AAF, OMF AES-31, EDL etc."

Okay, now that's an apples and oranges comparison if I've ever seen one. Those are not only completely inflexible (i.e. not extensible beyond what information they already support), but therefore painfully limited exchange formats — some not having changed since the 80's or 90's. XML is not only 100% open, it also has any and everything covered that all of them combined have covered… plus a few hundred percent of other things on top, with the support growing with each new version. So why in the world would I ever consider any of them when given the choice?? That makes no sense to me, sorry. For purely nostalgic reasons?

[Michael Gissing] "I don't think it is advantageous to leave all that to third party developers as these are critical to stable commercial workflows. "

So which of the relevant 3rd party tools or their workflows could in any way be considered "unstable", have ever been, or are sure to have been more "stable" if Apple were the ones updating them instead? For you having to wait three months instead of maybe three days or even weeks for a critical update to just that particular functionality is more advantageous? Right.

[Michael Gissing] "There are suddenly many developers that need to react."

Which they did… a mere day after the update came out, if not the same day. Never mind that beyond that they can react exponentially faster and more often than Apple to address any specific issues there might be with any particular tool or function, within which the brilliance lies. The Intelligent Assistance to Apple update ratio alone is an easy 10:1. Therefore, if you consider these matters "critical to stable commercial workflows", then you're in fact unwillingly making my exact point.

And how is that in any way different than if PPro, Avid or who ever else updates their (completely closed, proprietary) file format btw? And exactly which 3rd party app do you know of that can open e.g. a PPro or Avid project WITHOUT potentially losing the vast majority of information (e.g. filters, titles etc. etc.) in the process? Ever compare an FCP X roundtrip to Resolve to any of the above?? You should.

[Michael Gissing] "OMF and dear old EDL are stable and reliable fall backs"

:-)))) Right.
Again… if you're willing to potentially lose 50+% of what makes up your project, sure. Good luck with that.

[Michael Gissing] "If interchange is possible only via a new variant of fcpxml"

Only it's not, sorry. You can export in the current AND the last (way over a year old) version of FCPXML. As always. No problem. Which is why I'd say the whole thing is a complete non-issue. Unless you can tell me how to get to and from any other NLE at anywhere near the level of reliability than you can with X via (even the old) FCPXML? Or is the fact that others choose to only support (if even) the old XMEML but (surprise surprise) not FCPXML and don't even have their own exchange format, somehow much better/smarter/more developer friendly, I'm just not seeing it? Something that would make the exchange with FCP X and various other apps that support it that much easier, cleaner and smoother btw (i.e. actually useful). But e.g. Adobe is apparently as interested in that as they are in fixing long standing bugs, from what I'm hearing.

Oh yeah… having to rent your entire workflow from them, not just the editing part to actually get things done (since you lose most everything trying to go elsewhere), means more money in their pocket. Silly me.

What's Apple making off using an open XML and not a limited, proprietary file format? Oh, right… 😏

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