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Re: Some people are quite pleased...

COW Forums : Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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Aindreas GallagherRe: Some people are quite pleased...
by on Jul 4, 2011 at 3:13:24 pm

Well there's always the "people you meet on the way up" thing. Apple are at their zenith, Steve jobs is going to go pretty soon, and he is that company, he examines every product down to the screws. Asking to find a replacement is like asking to find a replacement for an asbergers John lennon type. There's only one Steve Jobs. He completely rebuilt that company in his own image using his own next software. Given the kind of monomaniacal places he has taken the company both times, I think it's inevitable they will decline after him. It'll be like a really bad increasing hangover.
And when things do go awry, which they will at some point, there will be no pro backbone, there will be no pro software base, there will be no pro machines. I think the OS is already starting to look.. Somewhat stupid. Mission control is a ludicrous mess. Software like iPhoto is unusable in single window mode (according to a revealing review). He's going to go, and then they're going to stumble around in a half touch desktop, and at some point they're going to make a critical error - they're going to try to move the consumer market in some bold way like they think steve jobs would, like they tried to move us - with a gun of sorts to their head.
Some time in the next ten years apple are going to mess up really badly and when they do, I am going to crack a beer and laugh like a drain. I am on notice waiting for that narcissistic, self aggrandizing, self obsessed company to fail. Oh man - narcissistic, calling apple narcissistic feels great. IMHO They shouldn't be in charge of any significant market share, pro editing or anything else. The only thing that used to keep apple sane is that they were tiny. And hey, you know what they say - all significant scale corporations, incorporated as citizens as they are, when examined psychologically - are sociopathic.
That's completely lacking empathy for the plight of others to you and me.
Ring any bells?
So our beloved -here's to the crazy ones- woz company of yore, has turned into a sociopathic narcissist.
Good times.

Don't jump on me - I didn't jump on FCPX - I just hit apple in the face with a fish a few times. Try it - it's really therapeutic. Maaaaybe not the Nazi thing tho.
promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics

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