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Re: What makes X fast? Tom Knows.

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Charlie Austin
Re: What makes X fast? Tom Knows.
on Mar 19, 2016 at 11:15:55 pm
Last Edited By Charlie Austin on Mar 19, 2016 at 11:46:28 pm

[Mike Warmels] "Actually, I was referring to a music track where left and right ended up separated. But in the clip Robin just displayed there seems to be something you can do to prevent that."

There is... You can set "track" order quite easily by just dragging Roles to re-order before export.

Also, a bunch of pretty important options are found in the preferences, not just in the window you're presented with. My guess is this is where something is mis-set. Particularly disabled Roles vs. muted Roles.

You can set it so that anything you really don't want to transfer doesn't, and you can include tracks you might want (alt mics etc) by leaving 'em enabled and muting them. FWIW, muting clips in the timeline (V key) does not disable/exclude them for X2Pro. You must explicitly deselect them in the inspector. If you can see it in the timeline, it's gonna be included, muted or no. Maybe that's what's happening?

For posterity, there are 3 different ways to "disable" clips and/or components, all of which have different results:

-Turning off the Role in the Timeline Index mutes it for playback, but it will still play if you export the Project with a comp mix. You can of course exclude Roles if you export a multitrack Quicktime (for stems, mix minus etc).

-Disabling (Muting) an audio clip or component (multichannel track) in the Timeline (V key) will do what you'd expect, you won't hear it, and it won't play in an export. However, it will be shown as enabled in an fcpxml export, and will appear in anything that uses that xml for translation. The pref in X2Pro lets you choose to exclude or include it in the AAF.

-Disabling a clip or component in the Inspector makes it inaudible during Playback and export, it will not be shown in the timeline, and the fcpxml will indicate that it is disabled and it shouldn't be included in any translations

With multichannel clips, the only way to not have all the components appear in an AAF, is to disable individual components in the Inspector. If you only want CH-1 & 3, you need to uncheck all the others. Even if you tell X2Pro not to include "disabled" clips, disabling multichannel components in the timeline won't work, as the clip enclosing the components is still enabled.

Saying FCP X is simple is... not entirely accurate. lol Same with setting up a network. People think it's easy so they read some online info, or just wing it. It often won't work well, the network needs tuning just like you would for Avid or anything else.


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