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Re: What makes X fast? Tom Knows.

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Charlie Austin
Re: What makes X fast? Tom Knows.
on Mar 19, 2016 at 4:42:16 pm

[Mike Warmels] "Like the audio display. When it comes to audio only tracks (like music) the waveform in the browser doesn't match the music or sound when you get to the end of the track (in the single clip browser video). Or... levels on clips vary greatly in the display hone you zoom in or out. I find the graphics nice looking, but often a little dodgy when changing views."

Yeah, the zoomed waveform thing is annoying, but they know about it. In practice it's not a big deal to me, and the ability to see all the waveforms without need to load and/or play every clip when hunting for SFX etc more than offsets the keystrokes to zoom in to see the correct waveform. Like, way more. :-)

[Mike Warmels] "Like when you are in browser with a single clip, which is quite long, I switch to the thumbnail view and... where is it? It's not directly visible, it's somewhere below or up. So I end up looking for it by scrolling."

This seems (for me anyway) to only be an issue on a large, second monitor if you have only the Library/Browser on it. In single window mode, the clip/playhed snaps to the center of the viewer as soon as you hit play. For the large second monitor situation, zooming all the way in usually "centers" it. It would be nice to have a "center selected clip" command or something for that scenario.

[Mike Warmels] "I like FCPX best when I start on a new project. Then it's fast and snappy. After a few days, as the Library grows, new cuts are made, graphics get added it gets worse and worse."

Size of the Library seems irrelevant for me... Sometimes it'll get a little laggy after a few hours, especially when using bunches of Motion templates or compositing titles/generators etc. A quick relaunch solves it, and X launches faster than anything else. Also, as it saves every keystroke as you go, if I ever need to force quit, or the power goes out... I just pick up where I left off. I've had to go to a backup exactly once in the last 3 years of using X. In other NLE's? I've lost track. That's a huge timesaver when it occurs, and it occurs using all NLE's. So a relaunch of X, for me, is a complete non-issue. YMMV of course. :-)

[Mike Warmels] " Especially when suddenly my skimmer stops working, or clips on the browser suddenly stop displaying while the project still show picture. Then I know it's time to restart FCPX again... or even the entire computer. And that several times a day."

That's weird, I honestly can't remember ever needing to reboot the computer because of X. My Libraries are generally huge, and my projects are not... uncomplicated. Seems like something else is going on? I mean, I have X, 7, PrCC, MC 8.5, R12, Motion, Logic, Reaper, Plugins from mObject, RG Universe, FxFactory, Coremelt, and tons of other random crap on my 2012 iMac at work. And that's just NLE/DAW related. The list of other system add-ons/background utilities etc is too long to list. And I've "never" done a clean install. If anything, I've done the opposite. I install so much stuff it'd make your hair curl. :-) I do stay on top of regular maintenance though. So far so good. :knocking wood:

Point being... there's nothing wrong with preferring one NLE over another, and you make some valid critiques, but as to the stability/usability of X our experiences seem vastly different. There certainly are things in MC/Pr etc that I miss when in X, but honestly, I feel like I'm constantly doing more workarounds in other NLE's to do things that are dead simple in X. Matter of perspective I guess..


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