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Re: What makes X fast? Tom Knows.

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Robin S. Kurz
Re: What makes X fast? Tom Knows.
on Mar 19, 2016 at 2:55:15 pm
Last Edited By Robin S. Kurz on Mar 19, 2016 at 2:58:35 pm

[Mike Warmels] "People say: you're not using it right, show or tell me how and then I see video's like that or their advice and... that's EXACTLY how I am using it."

There is no way I or any other external person could possibly say what the issue could be, considering the near endless variables that play into something like that. But the mere fact that you say yourself that others can apparently easily show you that whatever it is you have an issue with ISN'T an issue (with them, hence their advice) kinda tells you that it clearly can't be FCP by itself, no? At least to me that seems pretty logical. And I don't see anyone claiming that you couldn't possibly be having any issues, but rather that it's not happening with them or someone they know. Do you not have competent local support? Correlation is not causation. Simply deducing that since it isn't happening with Avid, that somehow it clearly can only be FCP and nothing else, is picking very low hanging fruit. If what you describe WERE in fact some sort of typical, classic, FCP related issue(s), you'd see more people chiming in concurrence, no? (which somehow I know will now of course happen) At least I don't recall seeing any, as opposed to the opposite. So again... what is the logical, objective alternative for you going to be, other than "FCP is buggy" if those issues are apparently not reproducible elsewhere?

[Mike Warmels] "I just used a different, faster trick than in that clip"

Then you most definitely need to let me in on the secret. Because I not only used legacy FCP for 10 years, but also trained it for five and there is absolutely nothing that I can conjure up that could be even REMOTELY "faster". Feel free to use the clip as an example and tell us what you would have done differently to make the comparison even so much as a TIE. I'd really love to know, since I clearly missed something very essential for 10+ years!

[Mike Warmels] "the waveform in the browser doesn't match the music or sound when you get to the end of the track"

That's in fact a bug, yes. Or rather a result of how the waveforms are currently generated and then displayed. Just like in the timeline, one "resolution" of the waveform will be used to display it at certain zoom levels before it needs to be re-rendered for another zoom level to show the size and detail relative to that. If you happen to have scaled to somewhere right on the verge of two display sizes, you can get that discrepancy, yes. I've had that a few times, too. But aside from being a slight "cognitive dissonance" I hardly found it very problematic. And slightly resizing in the one or other direction, vertically or horizontally fixed it from there on in anyway. We'll see when and if they address that in a future update.

[Mike Warmels] "some things are kinda stupid (like the constant opening and closing of clips (CTRL-S) before you make do a split edit"

So I guess I can only assume you see little value in the concept of clips being collapsible as a whole? Since in that case you can simply choose "Expand all Clips" and leave it that way. Done. Of course if you DO see value in it, then I don't actually see how you can logically avoid having to do that one way or the other, since it serves an obvious and overall very helpful purpose. In which case you might simply try a DOUBLE-CLICK on the audio as opposed to the comparatively much more tedious and superfluous shortcut, yes. Unless of course you didn't even know of that option to begin with?

- RK

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