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Andrew Kimery
Re: Resolve XII...
on Jul 30, 2015 at 7:53:08 pm

[Walter Soyka] "I want to eliminate conform as we know it. Conform means "to make similar in form, nature, or character; to bring into agreement, correspondence, or harmony."

This is necessary when two different applications have two different representations of the same edit."

To me it's not just when applications have two different representations of the same edit it's when two people (even if they are using the same application) have two different representations of the same edit.

To keep the example simple, let's just say an editor and a mixer are both working concurrently on the same edit. Having a truly shared timeline that updates in real time sounds horrible to me because the media in the timeline will be constantly changing. We will be constantly stepping on each other's toes.

If the editor and the mixer have two versions of the same timeline then we won't be stepping on each other's toes, but at the end of the day someone will have to take the changes made in each timeline and conform them into a single timeline. A computer can track the changes but it won't know which changes to apply when both the editor and the mixer have

Waiting until the end of an edit to start the finishing process isn't just done because we have incompatible tools, it's done so that time and money isn't wasted polishing media that won't make it into the final cut.

I agree that having more (or even seamless) compatibility between apps would be great, but I don't think that's ever going to happen. Apple, Adobe, Avid, etc., all have ideas about how best to skin the cat and I doubt they'll ever come together and agree on a 'unified' engine to power all their NLEs. Getting a single company to do it across all their apps is a more likely scenario, but you have to have a company that can make a suite of great apps. After you have a company that can make a suite of great apps that all seamlessly talk to each other you have to convince customers to use them all as opposed to using other apps. The cross compatibility is only a useful feature (and time/money well spent) if l if everyone uses the same family of apps (ex. the compositor uses AE, the editor use PPro and the colorist uses SpeedGrade).

[Walter Soyka] "Sidebar: Adobe is selectively picking up bits of their other apps and putting them into Pr. Look at masks and Lumetri. Which is better? Duplicating functionality across related apps, or connecting the apps more cohesively?"

I think doing both is better than just doing one or the other. Speaking in generalities, you expand the the functionality of the NLE for generalist use (editors that need to do some audio mixing, compositing, grading, etc.,) and you improve the connections between apps to make it smoother for specialists to collaborate. I started out as an editor I got along fine with the built-in grading tools. To make a long story short, after Apple released Color I spent a few years primarily as a colorist and I quickly realized how awesome a dedicated app like Color was, and how limited the built-in correction tools in NLEs were. Today if I have a quick and dirty grading job I'll do it in the NLE using some Magic Bullet plugins but if I have a 'real' grading job I'll do it in Resolve. After putting in the miles to learn apps like Color and Resolve the thought of doing intensive color work in an NLE makes my skin crawl.

At some point though I think you have to curb how much non-NLE functionality you put in the NLE and say to the user, "Look, if you want to do some really advanced stuff you are just going to have to cowboy up and learn a dedicated mixing/grading/compositing, etc., app". If you try and too much other stuff in an NLE I think it can become bloated and too difficult to use by the majority of it's target audience.

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