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Bill Davis
Re: Resolve XII...
on Jul 26, 2015 at 8:54:32 pm

[Lance Bachelder] "I think you need to re-read your own posts - your condescension and kindergarten level fanboyism was plain as day and your training wheel analogy is just ignorant. Why any FCPX fanboy such you and Charlie would feel so threatened is just silly. We're not talking about some questionable start-up, we're talking about a product with a legacy that is second to none and has been a top of choice of post pro's since the time of the first Macintosh 1984 commercial! People are going to use it, deal with it."

Happy to see you making it about the arguments instead of about the personalities, Lance. (snort)

"talking about a product with a legacy that is second to none???" Huh, X? Or are you STILL trying to litigate some hurt about the EOL of Legacy? If so, good god man, it's going on 5 years. Move on. Please.

The problem is that I've been pushing back against indefensible inacuracies spread about FCP X for four years now - including the periods where YOU trashed it - left it - returned to it - and have relentlessly tried to sit on both sides of the debate fence.

And I have no problem with that.

Clearly, you struggle to figure out whether it makes sense for you or not.

That's OK.

But what's NOT OK is coming back not to address the factual underpinnings of the software, but to attach the personalities of the people making the arguments.

You may not understand that you're doing that, but you are. Please stop.

Factually, most of the X "haters" have been proved significantly shortsighted if not directly WRONG. They kept arguing about incidentals rather than opening their minds to all the useful and extremely powerful thinking that went into it that was there FROM VERSION 1.

As to kindergarten level fanboyism - yep. I'm a kindergarten level fan of lots of stuff. Science, digital math, the healthy benefits of clean water - and YEP, the design ideas behind FCP X. The difference is that I have 40 years of direct producing, directing and shooting and editing experience in the trenches that support said fanboyism. I've DONE the work at a professional level. Heck, I've fed my family for those same 30 yeas as a working video producer and editor - just like you, probably.

Which means that while we have different views - NEITHER of them are de-facto wrong.

But YOU use the fanboy pejorative, I don't. Which in my personal experience is a SURE sign of a piss-poor argument.

My debate point here was that THE LEARNING CURVE OF X was LIKE riding a bike, there is a reset necessary to ones sense of balance in order to succeed. That was TRUE with X on day one. And I believe it to be very much as true today.

Theres's no way you'll convince me to stop thinking that. So deal with it.

Hopefully by reining in your personal animosity and getting back to the FACTS.

That way maybe people reading this can learn something beyond that this week, for some reason, you're a bit pissy about pushback.

Hope you feel better soon.

Take care.

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