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Re: swapping two shots

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Robin S. Kurz
Re: swapping two shots
on Mar 11, 2015 at 8:42:19 am

[Herb Sevush] "you state that there is nothing lost when going to a trackless timeline"

Nope, sorry. You're the one speaking of supposed "losses" of which I've merely stated that I personally am not aware of. Whereby I'm still waiting on that list to even know what it is we're even talking about? Pretty straight forward and simple task I would have thought. And sorry that I can't prove a negative btw.

[Herb Sevush] "… so you could see at a glance the nature of the audio clips on the timeline"

And even though I already wrote (more than once) that there is a very easy way to do just that, you choose to ignore it and go by insinuation/assumption as opposed to actual knowledge (which seems to be the archetypal pattern of the whole discussion). Which was my point from the beginning. Merely making claims for argument sake and for lack of knowledge of even the most basic facts. Wow... quite the hubris.

And I also predicted that anything I could see one pointing to, could at best fall into the realm of "personal preference" or "habit" and certainly not "loss", which that color-coding "argument" is a perfect example of. One night argue that that could be a nice enhancement, but it's kinda hard to "lose" or "trade-off" something that one never even had (even elsewhere) to begin with, don't you think? I do.

[Herb Sevush] "These are repeated requests by editors using FCPX all the time. "

Oh! So enhancement requests are a completely unique quality of X! I had no idea! :-D

[Herb Sevush] "shows the trade-off required by switching to X"

Either you can clearly define your ever reoccurring "trade-off" with a specific example, or… you're blowing smoke (i.e. trolling). Simple. I can't see how someone basing his entire position upon logical fallacies and hearsay can be considered "a reasonable guy" by any stretch either, sorry. But I guess that's just me. I'm more of the "Put up, or..." type of guy.

[Herb Sevush] "I'm merely stating what to me is obvious, that they are different approaches, each with their own advantages, and the decision of which to use should be based on the individual editors workflow and preferences."

I'm merely stating what to me is obvious, which is, no, that's not what you've been saying or suggesting. Not even close, sorry. I can only assume you're being willfully obtuse if you want to act as if that's all you've been talking about. Disingenuous at best. You have said nothing other than that there are losses and trade-offs (is there an echo in here?) inherent with the switch to X. None of which, despite repeated requests, you are able to name specifically, but instead choose to make patently false claims and unsubstantiated presumptions as if they were fact. No idea what that has to do with "the individual editors workflow and preferences".

Especially if you're (all of a sudden) graciously allowing us those "individual workflows and preferences", in which case I have no idea what the point of the whole argument even is. Because again, that's just plain not what it has been about, so let's not pretend. Saying (to repeat it for the umpteenth time) that I'm "losing" and "trading-off" something (whatever that something is) by using X is something entirely different.

In case it's still not clear...

LOSS = if I were to go back to FCP 7 or whatever NLE it applied to, I would LOSE things like the magnetic timeline, superior metadata management, alternatives, audio-syncing etc. etc. etc. etc.
TRADE-OFF = If I were to go back to FCP 7 etc. I would be TRADING a sleek, modern interface for a fugly one.

Someone that hasn't even so much as seen or used THE DEMO of an app but still vehemently insists on "participating" in a forum for said app, can clearly only be defined as one thing. Making this whole discussion even more of a farce than it already is.

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