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Re: Apple drops ProApps from corporate definition

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Andrew Kimery
Re: Apple drops ProApps from corporate definition
on Sep 17, 2014 at 7:06:57 am

[Bill Davis] "No, but it HAS led to a general downtrend in the ratings for those TV shows. Eyeballs are eyeballs, and they're not watching your prime time drama if they're glued to an iPad game.

Network TV ratings certainly have declined since the days of it just being NBC, ABC and CBS on air. Cable took out a bite. FOX took out a bite. Video games took out a bite. Browsing the Internet took out a bite. There's more content, of all kinds, being created today than ever before yet the potential audience hasn't expanded in kind and is more fractured/distracted than ever.

Which in turn begs the question as to how many eyeballs it takes for success in the new model compared to the old.

I think the answer to that is that it's all relative. A popular prime time drama on network TV will pull down much bigger ratings than a popular prime time drama on cable but both can be considered successful because cable just doesn't do the same numbers as broadcast. As overall viewership rises and falls then the benchmarks for success will rise and fall too. Numbers that equalled 'success' for a YouTube personality in 2010 are probably much lower than that what would be considered successful today because many more people are watching YT today than in 2010. Ultimately successful means sustainable so it boils down to how much does it cost to produce vs how much revenue does it generate.

All forms of media (music, video games, books, movies, etc.,) seem to be suffering a similar fate in that there is a polarization happening where more and more projects are either of the big budget, AAA/Hollywood Blockbuster kind or the low budget indie kind. The 'middle class' projects which used to make up the bulk of the projects is shrinking and has been for years.

Narrowcast verses broadcast. And that IS changing."

Distribution certainly is changing, but that's much more of a concern for people involved in distributing the content than for the people creating the content. I mean, would the process of writing, shooting and editing Alpha House (Amazon) or House of Cards (Netflix) be significantly different if those shows were on broadcast or cable TV instead of streaming? I highly doubt it.

I've worked on web projects, TV projects and "I hope someone will buy this when we're done" projects and other than a few technical things here and there my process as the editor or AE on the project wasn't impact by the distribution method of the finished piece.

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