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Aindreas Gallagher
Re: FCPX is the best NLE on the market
on May 30, 2014 at 10:10:01 pm
Last Edited By Aindreas Gallagher on May 30, 2014 at 10:28:14 pm

the hell with it -

I'm in a place for a bit that has vast quantities of avid. seas of it. and avid people. defensive, defensive avid people.

I couldn't really say much of anything before, but now I have been exposed to the horror.
So fine - there is interplay on isis. that is all super impressive, watch us drag edits out of the isis - that's all great. maybe we check them back in. Avid is doing all that stuff. Inside a gigantic mountain called avid go away.

the point is it's an entirely locked media scenario you can't easily get out of. we all likely want to get into and out of the edit all the time, take the footage items in edit process other places or to other people in process - say even if the other person is us. not in bloody interplay world we don't. It intellectually locks the edit away. It's an irritating belgium you need a passport for. And it's a place defended by a class of editors desperate to defend it. it feels dis-likable.

but lo the timeline. Oh that jkl trimming that no one ever seems to use. Where the hell is clip enable disable?
why is there that moronic track level disable that shines down vertically? how well does that work for stacking alternate shots?

why does it insist on operating on the cut points? why does it throw you into an over engineered trim tool for the most trivial actions? after stupid keyboard actions to get you into the fabled trim mode? Why cant I simply directly operate slip slide as a selectable tool on the clip as an object nevermind the trim points? Why doesn't it recognise the clip itself as an extant edit object? (caveat - i don't feel the smart tools perform this)
why is it a finicky complicated mess?

effects - oh effects the insanity. even avid editors get embarrassed here. sometimes they barely know what's going on. why doesn't the effect want to apply ? who knows. but there's a yellow dot there and avid is saying another effect can't be applied. perhaps it's the order of effects. maybe you need to step inside the effect. - cue canned laughter at the utter joke that is the avid effects insanity.

but wait - no no - there's more. if you want to modify the effect, you need to randomly select the effect keyframe icon below the monitor and turn it pink before you move to alter the effect in the effect parameter area. because science. the science of a company producing stupid workflows to protect stupid workflows to produce a car that looks and acts like a hedgehog, for people who desperately need the editing system to act like a hedgehog to newcomers. because guild science.

there is no end to the hilarious kafkauseque games a generation of insane editors have played to produce an editing system that literally points every sign the wrong way, producing a system that would make the word obtuse blush with shame.

avid is a designed assault course of moronic obfuscation. It feels like a british trade union that dreamed what it could really hope to be in the seventies. promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics

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