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Herb Sevush
The Plan for Now
on Feb 19, 2014 at 7:15:06 pm
Last Edited By Herb Sevush on Feb 19, 2014 at 7:17:26 pm

Not that anyone was waiting with baited breath for me to finally figure out a way forward, but the dust is finally settling and I can see my probable path and figured I'd post this.

FCP7 is getting more cantankerous by the minute and it is definitely time for a change. I expect there to be some 4K material coming my way, say about 5% of my workflow, and that is helping push me to another NLE by June, when we start cutting our next season.

My main requirements are ability to create ProRes deliverables, excellent multi-Cam, compatibility with some key plug-ins and ability to easily go back and forth with an EFX/compositing program. I am also looking for the ability to handle serious de-noising of audio, although my final mixes will be on the timeline.

CC PPro looks to be the winner of the NLE contest, and I say that with no joy considering my loathing for the whole subscription idea.

Avid is best suited for large scale collaborative workflows, and since I work primarily alone I get none of those advantages and it is a stodgy old nanny of an NLE that I've been avoiding these past 20 years or so. If I were younger and worried about finding work, I'd probably switch to Avid as the surest way to increase my marketability, but those are not my concerns.

FCPX is often tempting, I love the design of it's multicam feature, I'm intrigued with it's proxy workflow, but every time I hear a discussion about how you need to develop a plan as to when to use primary or secondary storylines, and knowing what kind of transitions can and cannot be done with connected clips, and how everything is solved with the tilde ~ key, I ask myself why would I ever want to spend my time figuring this out and I don't have an answer that makes sense for me. The more I hear discussions about X from it's happiest users, the more I believe that my original take on it was correct -- it's the solution to a problem that I was not having. I will sorely miss Auditions, as that feature addresses real needs that I have all the time, but for the rest, I'll happily wait a few years and see what develops.

So that leaves PPro, with the least attractive of all the workable mulitcams, but in it's tie-ins with AE, Photoshop and Audition, the most complete feature set of the 3 A's. I'll bite on the subscription for one year, make XMLs of all finished projects, and look to jump to something else (Lightworks???) when it becomes feasible.

Because of my need for ProRes deliverables I need to stay with OSX. I know there are freeware solutions to encode ProRes in Widows, but I'm not interested in a workaround for an essential part of my workflow so Mac it is.

If I was going for the nMP it would be the 6 core with D500s, 32 Gig of memory and a 500 gig boot drive - $4700. Then I'd need a 3 lane PCIe Expansion box with extra hard drive slots - which ups the price another 2K. I talked to my computer guy about building me a hackintosh, but he's strictly high end and that would cost me around 8k. But after seeing some of the Barefeets tests and talking to some PPro users I'm going in a different direction - upgrading my 2010 8 core tower with a Quadro K5000. Total cost - $1800. I don't get Tbolt, but then again I have a fairly extensive PCIe infrastructure and no Tbolt at this point. Other than that I will get performance fairly close, and is some instances better, than with a $6700 Tube/Expansion combo.

So it's back to the future, until something better comes along.

Herb Sevush
Zebra Productions
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