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A word from Julie, Your Cruise Director

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Tim Wilson
A word from Julie, Your Cruise Director
on Dec 5, 2013 at 8:18:23 am

Ahoy, both mateys and lubbers,

You know that I try to manage the forums at with a very, very light hand, preferably none at all.

If all I need to do is edit one word in a post, that's all I do.

If I can manage a thread by removing one post, that's all I do.

In extreme cases, I might send an email or two.

In one recent case, though, for the first time since I arrived here in 2006, I have exercised the nuclear option. A specific account and its posts have been vaporized.

I hesitated, because some of his posts (primarily in other forums) were vaguely helpful, but after spending all day working through this problem one post a time, it became clear what I really needed to do.

I don't typically announce having taken an administrative action, but with over 400 posts in the past 90 days alone, I think you'd have noticed his absence pretty quickly.

As harsh as I'm afraid my action may seem, it was done out of respect to the many of you who flagged those posts as inappropriate, voted them down, and contacted me directly about them over the past months. It was also done because, frankly, as much as I value this as a full-contact forum, I don't want his account to be part of our online legacy.

The immediate fallout will be a bunch of messy threads, because Nuclear Boy elicited a number of responses that will be left hanging.

I started to clean up all those threads for the sake of continuity, but enough of the replies to those posts had good things that actually DID further the conversation that I stopped my efforts, and I'm leaving almost all of them intact.

My apologies, dear passenger, if your post was in a thread that was mangled along the way. Please do not take it personally. And, as an editor myself, I'm sorry to have broken the narrative so messily.

Some final notes.

-- I think that much of the juicy goodness will be restored to the forum via subtraction, so to speak, now that that one fella is gone, but I will remind you of the ONE RULE of this forum: no posts about other posters.

As a starting place, please stop saying "AD HOMINEM." An informal survey showed that, with some obvious exceptions, some variation of the phrase "ad hominem attack" was used in the PERFORMANCE of an ad hominem attack more often than not.


Heh heh, sorry, accidentally channeling my dad there.

So if you can, please turn down the heat just a bit. A bit. Just enough to prevent boiling over. Consider when it's time to post more slowly. If you need a day to cool off now and again, please take it. I certainly had to do that myself in this forum's early days. More than once. A LOT.

Most important, though, again, please don't hesitate to talk to me about this, or anything else. As ever, I'm easy to find. Just contact me via the link at the top of the page.

-- What's that you say? You don't understand my reference to Julie, Your Cruise Director or why it's the subject line of this otherwise very serious post? The Love Boat! Dang man, she got the "AND" billing at the end of the opening credits. Peep this clip from ca. 1979, featuring our gal Julie:

Yes, there were drugs involved.

-- Sort of speaking of which, the final of my final notes: the place you'll find me posting most often is in fact the COW's TV & Movie Appreciation forum. A good time is had by all. Please swing by. Mike Cohen just started a great thread on 70s Cinema that I think will be right in the wheelhouse for many of you.

If you'd rather talk about some other aspect of movies or TV shows in that forum, including current stuff, please do. In addition to being some of the world's most sophisticated media producers, you're some of its most sophisticated viewers. I'd love to hear what you think.

Kidding about The Love Boat aside, I want to thank you all for being part of the COW, in many cases, from the beginning...and even back to its predecessor community. I appreciate your energy and insights, and I'm always very, very glad to hear from you directly if you care to write.

Thanks again,

Julie, Your Cruise Director

Tim Wilson
Vice President, Editor-in-Chief
Creative COW

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