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Jeremy Garchow
Re: FCP-X and misrepresentation
on Dec 3, 2013 at 5:06:00 pm

[Evan Schechtman] "Boy, I am already sorry I even responded."

I am not sorry you responded. Thank you for responding.

For whatever this is worth:

My relationship with FCPX is very very similar to Evan's, just on a reduced scale.

I have been watching FCPX, I have been using FCPX on real projects, but I have not rolled FCPX out to the rest of the people here, and when I say rest of the people, it's only several of us.

I knew, pretty early on, that FCPX was probably going to be the next NLE for me and for us.

With anything, you take the good with the bad. At first, there was some obvious bad in FCPX. All you had to do is turn on the internet and it was the usually the first headline in any trade rag/discussion mechanism to go in to great deal just how "poorly" the FCPX unveiling was handled.

But to those of us who dug in, there was also some obvious good. The obvious good was the hard stuff to do, real speed, new ways of working, real power, rudimentary but a decent start at media management, and really early hints at some sort of sharing being built in to FCPX (if you had an honest to goodness SAN, San Locations were the hint. They have been in the app since 10.0.3 or so). I could see the underpinnings of the platform being built, and I knew this type of work was going to take a while to structure. I, too, thought that offloading some of the specialized work to developers is actually a smart move, not only from a potential business move for Apple, but for devs being able to work with Apple's underpinnings, give feedback and make it better. Sure, I, as user, can give bug feedback and point out when things aren't working quite right, but developers can see bigger holes, alert Apple to bigger problems, and help get those things solved and working hopefully for the better. This will then allow devs to build better tools.

It would also be beneficial for us as users, as you can send feedback to a smaller developer and get answers much more quickly than you can with Apple.

I was not one of the ones to subscribe to sparse disk images and other OS hacks to get FCPX working (no disrespect to those that do use them). I waited until our SAN could handle an FCPX workflow, and that feature showed up fairly quickly. Now, I have to wait for Mavericks support. Currently, our SAN does not work with Mavericks, and that's OK. We will wait until it works.

We, still, have not made any major investments in computing hardware. For the most part, we are still running a lot of older computers on a traditional PCIe infrastructure. We have brand new production gear, and FCP7 can't even handle it natively. FCP7 is literally dead for certain jobs for us. Everything must be transcoded outside of any FCP7 integration, and 4k material doesn't even work. FCPX handles all of this without a problem. When I saw that people were getting real work done on a similar level or sometimes a bit faster with cheap iMacs over their several year old MacPros, I knew Apple was building something specific for ProApps.

We also knew that Thunderbolt was going to get a revision in fairly short order.

For those of us that have waited this long, we get to skip the first generation and go right to the next one. The investment will still be expensive, but at least it will be with the newest of technologies that Apple/Intel is making available.

I, too, looked around. I demoed all available Mac software, but I kept coming back to FCPX as it is the most logically modern software that I am comfortable for furthering my career. I am also not quite ready to roll it out to everyone here at work. It's not there yet, but it sure is close. This type of transition takes some time, and in that time I have learned a new NLE. I am now waiting for everything else, hardware, software, and infrastructure, to catch up.

There is nothing wrong with recognizing potential, talking about and discussing this potential, but waiting for further development before fully utilizing that potential.

There's a baseball analogy in here, but I'll leave those to Herb.

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