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Re: FCPX is not used by professionals and only suitable for editing home movies!

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Richard Dee
Re: FCPX is not used by professionals and only suitable for editing home movies!
on Oct 23, 2013 at 7:44:35 pm

First let me say it's a good thing Apple doesn't make pianos. Because if they did, I can imagine a piano lets say, without those pesky black keys. It sure would be easier for people to learn to make music without them, don't you think. And who care' about all those old stodgy pianists, just because they're used to 88 keys.

Reading this thread reminds me of a few things. Many years ago, Showtime Networks here in NYC was using Media 100. It was quite a capable platform, but they had to abandon it simply because they couldn't find the talent to edit. So while X may be capable, the question is will there be enough talent for larger organizations to make it work? I think yes, eventually, but I also feel there will be a great divide. Conde Nast for example, I could see buying hundreds of FCPX licenses, and make that work well for them as publishing moves that direction. A tv network or large production company probably will not go that route.

I started using FCP1 the week it was released, and even a year or two later when I would call post houses to try and get work, some of them would laugh at me calling myself an "FCP editor." Within a short time after that I was getting gigs at those type of facilities, simply because I knew the technology, and they wanted to try it along side their Avid systems. So I could see the same happening with X.

Aside from all the unavailable user features in X, one thing I know I need (not sure if X has this) is the ability to make my own flavor of non standard sequences. I often have to get under the hood of sequences and change the compressor, frame rate, size, etc to deal with issues as they come up. A 720x480 ProRes sequence isn't a standard preset, but I use that all the time. I change compressors often (to re-edit smaller sized web videos at their native resolution, but in ProRes) depending on the stage of production, so for me even loosing that ability is a non starter, let alone things like setting an aux timecode, the timecode window itself, ganging preview windows, etc. These are all things that pros need and often rely on. To simply say that we don't need these tools any longer is a bit arrogant I think. Can you imagine telling your client that they don't need their logo any longer, or that lower thirds are passe because you as the maker don't think they're necessary?

Apple should be taking cues from us as to what we want, not the other way around. I have no problem with them adding new tools and ways of doing things, and simplifying many processes, as long as ALL the old tools are there for use when needed, even if arcane. Apple didn't invent editing, or even the NLE, but it feels to me like they think that way.

If they continued FCP development even minimally, to exist along side FCPX I would have no issues with thier being an additional choice. If there had been modernized tower (with PCIE slots) released to co-exist with the new imac like Mac Pro, I would have no issue. Choice is good.

At one point I was a huge Apple evangelist, (like when they had 2% market share and were almost out of business) Who knew that a fantastically rich and healthy Apple would mean they would not use their amazing wealth to give pros the tools they have requested?

I'm working on a feature script and I wrote a line where a character using a tablet jokes "Do we all get a free Ipad?" I re-read the line, cringed, and immediately re-wrote the line to avoid giving Apple any props. What kind of corporate behavior turns someone like me from a huge advocate to someone who doesn't want to even mention an Apple product in a creative endeavor?

I guess I shouldn't be so bitter. It's not that big a deal - so I have to throw out all the software and all the hardware (large investment in peripherals) I've been using and start again from scratch. Apple knows best.

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