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Re: FCPX is not used by professionals and only suitable for editing home movies!

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Craig Shamwell
Re: FCPX is not used by professionals and only suitable for editing home movies!
on Oct 22, 2013 at 1:40:21 pm

I have been particularly interested in Andy and Oliver's discussion within this thread, as Oliver is quintessential as to the "misconception" that FCPX is some how only suitable for home movies and those who edit using FCPX are somehow not "Professional Editors"! Furthermore, Kevin P McAuliffe, the original Author of article this thread is based on, is just flat out wrong...ten ways till Sunday!!
He starts out with "if the question has to be asked, "is FCPX ready for professional editors", then the answer has to be NO!" This is arrogance at its very finest! And I mean no disrespect to anyone. But this is just absurd. FCPX is trully revolutionary in so many ways, and still growing!
Right now for Editors like Oliver and Kevin, being a Professional Editor means spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning that expensive software. Along with knowing elements of editing that many editors will never use in any of their projects. I myself was very frustrated at the "Uniqueness" of FCPX along with how "Buggy" it was in its initial release. In that respect, it was "NOT" ready for professionals. But as many are beginning to post, along with many more editing job descriptions asking for FCPX experience, FCPX is now being recognized as the one editor that can do what it does better than any other......SAVE THE EDITOR A LOT OF TIME!!! The Multi-Cam editor is absolutely wonderful! What's pissing people off like Kevin is, Apple have re-branded what is available to People with Creative Vision making video creation much more affordable and possible by providing a tool that is very inexpensive, very powerful, with ton of third party Plug-In support. Folks like Oliver feel that if an Editor is not using or doing what he is doing that somehow they are not Professional. The reality is, what makes an editor truly Professional is this: That when all is said and done, what they produce has seamless edits, footage is matched and graded and meets the clients criteria, no typos, and deadlines and budgets are met. This criteria is all encompassing no matter how big or small the project is. FCPX is a Professional Editor, there is no doubt about that as I use it to produce all kinds of work weekly. This past week and half I finished 3 :30 spots with alternative "auditions" included for the client to view which saved me a ton of time. Many have talked about the lack of Audio controls in FCPX...they are all there! I can edit Audio in the FCPX timeline very fast and sweeten it at the same time. You can export any part of the timeline to Motion as well as any Plug-In, Effect or Type, edit and save and its back in FCPX! Kevin's original post that so may responded to has so many statements that are not true! Which is why so many were pissed, as they should be!!
Its time to put this issue to rest and start looking at what FCPX brings to the table of Professional as well as Amateur editors!

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