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Bill Davis
Re: Interesting presentation....
on Sep 15, 2013 at 7:37:59 pm

[Aindreas Gallagher] "I got the strong sensation of smoke hitting my rear end."


Then articulate your reasoning behind why his central theme is incorrect.

Don't zero in on peripherals like "woo, the keyframing in X sucks"

His general theme is that theres a fundamental shift from what post used to be, to what it is becoming for the future, and that many practitioners of post are too stuck in established workflows to give new options a fair shake.

He gives examples of hardware and software approaches that were NOT options that existed a few years ago. And explains his reasoning about WHY fundamental industry changes require some new thinkin - including the painful jettisoning of much comfortable thinking that worked just fine in the past.

if your opinion is contrary - tell me why? Are you saying that post SHOULD NOT change so fast?
Are you arguing that more incremental change which gives more weight to the traditional post processes that you and I have built our careers upon up to this point better serve the industry than adopting more fundamental changes?

You've poked holes in the accessories to the argument. But I don't hear you poking many in the core of it.

What he got exactly right, IMO is that FCP-X was built for robust pre-pro and asset management FIRST - with practical modern editing a close second. And that's exactly what's got so many "editors" upset. Apple didn't properly do their obeisance to the alter of the timeline functions over all else.

It's the core of YOUR whole argument over the past year, IIRC.

What do we gain if your long held arguments are correct, that new tools and processes are less valid simply because they BREAK with the past too strongly to accommodate the comfort zones of historically trained editors?

His central theme was correct, IMO. Uncomfortable for many - you among them Aindreas. But correct none the less.

And was it a promo piece? Of course! Please explain to me why else would anyone do that much work and toss the result out on the internet? If it's not purely an ego play - there MUST be a defensible economic back end play - or it's not worth doing. Do you not understand basic business? Time being money - if you put TIME into creating something - and you're not an egomaniac - you should have a business back end play in mind, or you're just stroking your own ego.

The fact that it's got gear highlights from Canon and AJA and a promo for his own product makes it MORE valid in my estimation. At least he's not hiding the reason the video exists or his agenda.

It's to make a buck. And we all get to decide if his arguments are purely "push for money" based - or real.

And I'm having trouble understanding which of his core arguments you feel are fundamentally unreal.

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