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Re: Premiere or FCPX, still hating FCPX's timeline behaviour

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Douglas K. Dempsey
Re: Premiere or FCPX, still hating FCPX's timeline behaviour
on Aug 23, 2013 at 10:10:49 am

I'm doing fairly low-budget docu stuff, mostly short form, with FCPX. I don't have an issue with Timeline behavior; I agree with Steve that it's probably just getting used to it.

Many people posting on this forum have complained about re-creating their FCP7 work methods, e.g. shunting various clips off to the right within a sequence, as they build the timeline. Using the timeline as an active "workbench" in other words.

I do this all the time in X, and find it actually easier in many ways. You just need to develop your own little techniques. For example, I will select and opt-cmd-up arrow ("Lift From Primary Storyline") various clips or trims that I have decided NOT to use, but want to keep close by and visible as outtakes... because I may reconstitute them into the edit at any moment.

Once I am done pulling out these "non-selects" from a section of the edit, I will drag and select them all, hit cmd-G to make them into a single "secondary storyline" container, and drop that item at the end of my timeline, after a title "Outtakes." I can shuffle that collection of clips -- still in the original order that I worked on them -- around in the timeline, copy to another timeline, copy or pull an individual clip out of the container. Eventually, when I'm near my fine cut, and have only real "keepers" in my outtakes, e.g. an alt sequence I may want to show to a client, I will make the outtakes into a compound clip and delete it from my timeline/workbench. It's up there in Event Library if I need to access it.

When I do a delicate edit, with overlaps, layers, transitions, effects and 4 or 5 pieces of detached audio that are overlapping and "mixed" f... I will collapse that entire section into a compound clip (opt-G).

The nesting of compound clips is so much better than in FCP7 that it has become an everyday tool. You can delete a CC from the timeline at any time; it exists in the Event Library when you need it. When the CCs are in your timeline, you can double-click and punch in at any time to tweak your mix, effects, etc, back out seamlessly.

Probably the first thing to get your head around is just stop thinking of the word "tracks." Once you treat everything as a media "object" -- video, audio, A/V combo, title, graphic/still -- you can be happy shuffling things around.

It seems to me a pleasant and easy to use "think while you work" creative environment.

If you are doing the more technical and mundane aspects of building tracks into export-able media for other editors/collaborators ... e.g. preparing a raw edit that must be sent to an After Effects artist or ProTools artist ... then you probably should have Premiere CC or a copy of Legacy for that kind of work.

Doug D

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