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Erik Lindahl
Re: Wish list for 10.0.9
on Jul 9, 2013 at 9:03:49 am

Well it'd be an "active" control and not just a HUD / info-strip. This is something really bad with FCPX today. You're not "synced" with your media. You scrub on screen 1 and see the result on screen 2. Not very intuitive. Perhaps they'd need to add a "load" function like we have today. I'd prefer to have a "load" feature from the browser and then have the "scrub" feature active. This would probably help a lot with performance as well.

The above could keep the current form as well but I think the above would make a lot of FCP7-editors feel much more at home. Add back some proper timecode windows / data as well.

They should also rethink the secondary viewer. It's now called the "event viewer" which really limits it's function. I could be used for all kinds of "secondary viewer needs" - comparing frames during color correction for example or comparing edit A vs edit B (this would require us to be able to load sequences to either viewer A or B.

Like someone mentioned before the ability to lock a sequence to a given length is also good to have. It's a bit to "floating" as is now given one can work with it. It's great for edits that aren't so strict but for 15 / 30 / 45 TC's...

Visual roles or role lanes would be a great way to bring back flexible and yet more powerful tracks. We need them. Fine, a bunch of slacking editors will still have edits that are a mess but for us you like order it's virtually impossible to get now. And I'm just doing short-form TVC's.

The handling of sequences needs an overhaul. As stated I work with TVC's. A given project can have 100+ final edits in various versions, languages etc. Either make it more manageable with loads of folders / sequences. That's the easy way out. Moving the project-browser to the event browser might sort of do the trick. One less click at least to swap between different edits.

A better way would be to actually try to deal with "versions" in a clever way. Much like how we have "versions" in Aperture we could have "versions" and "masters" in FCPX. With metadata they can be tagged as "work in progress", "edit OK, audio NOT mixed" etc. This would make the "project browser" more powerful. Today it's just more limited than FCP7 for the most part.

To be honest - dealing with projects on the system-level is quite poor at the moment. It has a bunch of "requirements" (i.e. use FCPX to move or copy a project to another drive and / or system). which is very un-Appleistic). I think some have suggested the introduction of disc images and that FCPX should automatically create these as it's "project file". I guess there has to be some kind of negative side effect to that but as it stands FCPX is quite a mess on this part.

Batch Export. Please, this is needed. I'd really hate doing the 24 versions of a given project and then export them. PrPro has the same issue. FCP7 has not. Here it really doesn't matter if FCPX is 5X faster than FCP7 in the rendering since the user-intraction part it 24X worse.

Other things that would be nice is image sequence support and improved color correction features. FCPX is quite good on the later but adding white-balance and curves would be two very welcome features. Sort out the scopes would also make the app very nice for online work (i.e. the ability to view 2-4 scopes for a given viewer).

GUI customization was and is a huge feature of FCP7. Give us back that flexibility please, we all have different setups and needs!

Video out over the video card still feels iffy and needs work. PrPro is way better here. Even if better responsiveness here means less realtime effects it's quite poor at the moment. Again, FCP7 (and PrPro) doesn't have the lag FCPX has.

I've heard a lot of people vocing Motion-support and / or AE to motion capabilities. I'd rather see an "open FCPX project in app X" capability. In my case FCPX to After Effects is what I'd like a better work-flow for. Today I can do what I do in FCP7 but it's time-consuming and quite inflexible exporting each cut of each edit like I do.

There is probably more but that's a few things I've noticed while evaluating FCPX. We're still primarily running FCP7 still but testing FCPX and PrPro.

Much needed features.

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