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Re: Honestly NOT trying to trash broadcast TV... just reporting what I see on my newsfeeds these days...

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Andrew Kimery
Re: Honestly NOT trying to trash broadcast TV... just reporting what I see on my newsfeeds these days...
on May 5, 2013 at 12:04:10 am

Psy was on a label for a decade prior to going viral on YT and Justin Bieber got 'discovered' singing covers on YT and then got signed to a label. YT success stories like iJustine, FreddieW or Angry Orange (if you want to go old school) would be better examples of what you are looking for.

How much money do the people that up load the cat videos get paid? How much does YT earn on cat videos? How much does it cost YT to host and stream cat videos? Value in viewers? Sure. As long as you can turn that directly or indirectly into monetization. Assuming you are running a business of course and want to do things like pay your cast, crew, put gas in the car, etc.,. If you are working a day job and uploading cat videos as a hobby then it's a different story. I'm going to work under the assumption that YT's old business model wasn't cutting it which is why they are switching to pushing premium channels, original content and are considering putting premium content behind a pay wall. Again, all the major streaming players are developing original premium content so there must be a reason for it.

What's funny is along w/traditional media I've been involved in new media content creation and distribution for the better part of a decade and yer telling me I'm blind to what's going on. I've sat in on more than one meeting where the gist was "okay, we have a healthy online community, our audience continues to grow but how do we monetize them so we can keep the lights on?" Again, being popular isn't the same thing as running a successful business.

Digital Media? Traditional networks/studios/media corporations already have digital wings. If you don't think that the old media players are involved (and will become more involved) in new media then you should take another look around. Let's not forget that CBS, NBC and ABC started out as radio networks before they became TV networks. You know what most of my content creation friends in digital media want to do? Get a traditional media gig because they pay a whole hell of a lot more, lol. On a more serious note, many of them are fine with being paid less because they are working in content niches they enjoy and that don't really exist in traditional media.

Are things changing? Of course they are and the change has been fast & furious since the DV revolution kicked off in the late 90's/early 00's. I'm not saying that things aren't changing. I'm saying that we shouldn't expect wholesale change to the big picture and that new media creates new opportunities as well as new problems.

Feel free to think I'm cynical, jaded, blind or whatever but I've grown up in the middle of all this change and I'm beyond the 'wow it's shiny and new' honeymoon phase. I'm in the brass tacks, how do I make a living in new media phase (no, praying for viral success is not a sound business model) and the more I dig into that aspect of it, the more I dissect the success of others, the more similarities I see between old and new. Old and new players will co-exist for a long time and, IMO, most likely merge as opposed to one 'killing' the other.

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