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Craig Seeman
Re: OT: Adobe raising our costs by 600%
on Mar 2, 2013 at 2:24:56 pm

[Chris Jacek] "I'm going to have to call "passive aggressive" on you Craig,"

Yep, I was very deliberate too. Actually aggressive aggressive IMHO.

[Chris Jacek] "I personally think that FCPX is still a highly flawed editing tool."

I rest my case on that one. Not that a personal opinion is wrong but that's not the person to teach the tool or even be open minded on student preference.

[Chris Jacek] "I have to deal with blank stares from accounting, and flat-out aggression from IT, at the mere mention of a Mac-based computer purchase program."

I even had to deal with it as an engineer at a post facility that did mostly TV broadcast work mostly for a major network. .... They bought Macs to edit and the even apologized when the editors, who had worked on Macs at other facilities. practically rebelled when the first PC rolled. in. Of course a broadcast environment isn't a school and they obviously had other "bottom line" considerations such as making sure good editors wanted to work there so they had good product.

[Chris Jacek] "Adobe suddenly hits us with a 600% increase on our existing costs for their software. "

I can't speak for your specific budget but Adobe doesn't want to be Avid. They've changed there business model. Instead of outright big ticket purchases, which can cost heavy up front, followed by people skipping upgrades, which probably had a pattern of: high price discourage sales, lack of paid upgrades undercut development costs, they came up with a monthly rent model. It may cost many people more money in the long run but a very easy point of entry. Of course those who deal with annual budgets and multiyear plans see the costs because they're looking at cost over three years rather than one month revenue vs one month expense.

[Chris Jacek] "In what scenario do you think that the cost of commercial licenses will be relevant to fresh-out-of-college graduates? Do you think their entry-level jobs will smack them in the face with the "harsh reality" of "real world" pricing?"

Unless something changes most will wan't something for "home" use just as in the early 00s people used Avid at work and bought FCP for their "home" use. Their "home" use became their "business" use when they began to get their own clients. That's the "attrition" route I keep mentioning for FCPX. Youth will use it and it'll be their opening business tool.

When you're ambition and maybe even talented and living on Ramen Noodles $300 looks better than $2500 or even $1500. Adobe has a different but viable approach as well because the monthly cost isn't any worse that what that kid is spending monthly on her smartphone bill that she'll keep along with the Ramen Noodle dinner.

While Avid might seem like a bargain at $300 or so educational, the chasm is big when one has to jump to the "real world" pricing and while on one level the chasm is small compared to 2000 pricing, in today's downward economic spiral in which the young educated jobless are hit the worst, the Avid chasm is actually widening. Even if they actually do get a job in the industry and get to touch an Avid as an assistant (and how many of those jobs are there?) they're going to look for something they can afford for "home" use... or they'll use the educational version they can't upgrade (just the thing that helps Avid's bottom line of course [obvious sarcasm].

There's Lightworks, costs nothing now. Seems like it'll cost nothing later. A kid can go into business with that. Tangentially maybe EditShare has a business model that Avid doesn't (not that I know that's really what EditShare's motives are). For you as an educator on a budget it might be your best bet.

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