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Aindreas Gallagher
Re: Trying new stuff
on Jan 29, 2013 at 1:12:46 am

[Lance Bachelder] "There isn't a single thing, not one. that Premiere does as well or better than FCPX 10.07. It's garbage as far as I'm concerned and I'll never use it again - to attempt to "master it" would be a colossal waste of time. I will continue to use the rest of the Adobe Suite via the Cloud subscription and highly recommend it to others.

As far as your jazz analogy - I've played guitar since I was 10 and love all forms of music - not just jazz - so shut your Phrygian pie hole you elitist prick.

this is getting out of hand?

there are a ton of things lance has never spoken to - his use of the open timeline - how he felt being given the opportunity to use proper dynamic JKL trimming, which honestly does tickle me, the advanced native effects set including the generally delicious stuff like curves, and good god almighty - hello warp stabiliser?
but: more basically isn't the discussion the opportunity to exit FCP7 to something that isn't Avid - because once they get something like transition lockin: good luck with the Avid pricing - so FCPX? FCPX which has very very very - yes indeed very minutely- little visible broad uptake?

Please try the Production houses, the edit renting shops, the broadcasters, the boutiques, the indie edits, the flower sellers, the bricklayers, any random person you meet - because it is beyond incredibly hard to find FCPX on the ground anywhere in the continental USA or Europe. there are about twenty guys on this forum though.

The point is that there is, basically, a requirement, a market requirement, for something quite like FCP - market standard, open, largely inexpensive, non hardware dependent, relatively easy to transfer to.

the reason there is a requirement for that is because there is a massive, massive FCP skills base homeless editor catchment in the market.

one man bands on merlot really do seem crazy - and to be clear I do mean crazy - for FCPX though.
they provide no guidance for industry shifts, and FCPX currently largely exists in the bubble of this debate forum. to quote a recent poster.

PPro is very very nice editing software I personally find, and like FCPX - it is about to get rapidly better at a rate of knots.
PPro's only failing is that it largely matches and tracks the working habits and practices of those soon to be exiting FCP7.

ah no, but wait - thats not a failing at all is it? - so good luck with the tilde key, the ridiculous timeline, and the roles you feel sure are going to be, any moment now anti-gravity style reordering themselves into tracks inside a year total lunacy babbling.

For all its bizarre charms, FCPX didn't get picked by Associated Press as a backbone editing system across untold seats, and the BBC didn't make a hedge - buying thousands of licenses for it.

that happened with PPro.

given that there is a gigantic mass of FCP based seats, and FCP based editors - what do we really think is most likely to happen? Everyone spontaneously plumps for the lunatic (timeline anyway) editing system, from a company making all its profits from phones, software that has been absolutely industry ignored to date?

or does the market shift to a cost dependable, open, FCP modelled editing system software, (from a company financially tied to its success), that just took a quantum leap in its most recent iteration? promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics

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