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craig slattery
Re: FCPX proving to be very fast
on Jan 13, 2013 at 3:27:51 am

[Aindreas Gallagher] "lets try it again Craig: outside of the editing facility you say you are about to open - what changes in London regarding FCPX are people supposed to "trust" you on?

what are you talking about?"

4 months ago, as far as I knew, nobody at the BBC was using FCPX. I'd been banging on about how good the software was, so I felt its was time to put my money where my mouth is, ie cut a proper paying job in the software or shut up about it. Now, I'm pretty experienced, I've been doing this for a while and frankly people know me and I'm in demand. I knock back work every week and not just at the BBC. I'm pointing this out, because experienced editors like myself can afford to take on a challenge and look a bit stupid if it all goes tits up. Younger freelance guys and girls just starting to build their careers don't really have that opportunity.
As you are know, I have shared my experience with FCPX here on the Cow. We started with a short item for The Culture Show that went well and I continued to use X for the remainder of last year whenever we had the opportunity to use it. We’ve now taken it a step further for 2013, I'm cutting specials, and items and by March 27 we aim to be stitching and onlining the weekly program in X. That equates to about 8 hrs of proper telly between now and the end of March.
Ive been told there are now 7 other editors at the BBC also cutting in X, In both London and Bristol. The fact is, we are seeing the green shoots, folks that thought I was mad, and people that had said straight out that "this is not professional software” are now taking notice. Producers and directors are very keen, the brilliant guys at the village that were only too happy to set up my suite are delighted with the results. We post our audio at Halo and they have been extremely helpful making the transition, because I imagine they recognize this will continue to grow, I don't think there is any doubt about that anymore.
For the past two years, It was right and appropriate that legacy users continued to use FCP7 because if 'it aint broke' there is no need to fix it. However, FCP7 is on life support and soon, very soon I suspect, Apple will finally flick the switch. Ie if you want to run the latest mac on the latest OS then you will not be able to install or run FCP7. So where are those legacy users going to go? Some folks will head back to AVID, not so much Adobe, because if you were going to go down that road my guess is you would be down there already. That opens the door for FCPX
The general consensus is that Apple botched the launch of FCPX, but I actually think they played a blinder. The early, higher profile figures that jumped ship in the first few days are starting to look a tad silly, and a bit old fashion. We work in an industry that is innovative and cool, I like to kid myself I'm a bit like that. Not someone set in my ways and peeved because my beloved Apple kicked my arse into learning something new. Proper serious television is being created in FCPX . Ok, Aindreas down at Smoke & Mirrors it's a different story, this is not their thing, although I imagine making money is. For facilities like The Farm, Halo, Clear Cut, and every other shop around London, when the Beeb stop requesting FCP7 dry hires my guess is that more and more requests will be for FCPX. Within this thread, Kenny, whom I didn't know, is cutting a special for our show in Scotland. He said he would have liked to cut in X had he known he could, hopefully because of a handful of experienced editors now using FCPX, others will feel confident to join in.
So when I say ‘trust me’. Im not saying 'trust me there are loads of people here in London already using FCPX', Im saying, Trust me there will be'.

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