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Jeremy Garchow
Re: FCP X as a database and a PIOP nightmare
on Nov 8, 2012 at 1:57:55 am

[David Lawrence] "Sure you can."

Not really. The range selection tool is timeline only in FCP7. You simply cannot perform the same browser side functions in 7 as you can in X with ranges as they simply don't exist. You can't set the beginning/end of range with keyboard shortcuts in 7, and actions applied to ranges are applied to that one clip only.

It's a different ballgame.

[David Lawrence] "It seems pretty obvious but I'll say it again. Marking In and Out is not the same as selecting a range."

I know what you're saying and I understand the distinction you are trying to make.

FCPX does have fixed in out markers when opening a compound clip. They are determined by the boundary of the compound in the enclosing timeline.

This functionality would not work very well the Event Browser, especially when you start to sort clips by Favorite, Keyword, Filmstrip, etc. It will fall down very quickly and start to not make sense, but that seems pretty obvious, right?

I mean, Apple added exactly what was wanted, and you really think they didn't thought this through, or is it was designed "by a programmer and not an editor because programmers don't know us like we know us"? Get the heck on outta dodge. This is why I think they gave the people exactly what they wanted because FCPX works the way it works, and it simply works differently. It isn't any less capable that FCP7 with regards to PIOPs and the range system.

[David Lawrence] "They could be if they were properly designed. The UI for marking In and Out needs to be completely separate from the range selection UI. Don't like them? Fine, don't use them. Everything would continue working they way you like. Why not build a UI flexible enough to give everyone what they want? I say it's entirely possible."

I've asked for an off switch or modifier.

[David Lawrence] "What this proves to me is that ProApps engineers need to do a better job understating basic NLE features and feature requests. Case in point - the new Event Viewer.

No time indicator and no skimming? Really? Why not put these directly in the Event Viewer window? Seriously weak."

The time indicator and skimming are done on the filmstrip. TC availability does need help. There needs to be more tc window than one.

[David Lawrence] "I get FCPX is a new model. I really, truly do. It's not about old habits dying hard. For me, it's about whether the new FCPX UI model is flexible and scalable enough to accommodate the full universe of editorial needs and styles Legend once led.

I really hoped I would be more impressed with 10.0.6. There are some nice improvements, but the bottom line is the interface really is still annoying.

And it's a drag that they've broken your workflow with this bogus PIOP implementation. I truly hope they fix it. But the way to fix it is not with an on/off preference. They need to fix it by understanding why so many editors were clamoring for it to begin with. It's not old habits, it's editing 101."

It's annoying to you, but not to everyone. I believe that the way to move FCPX forward is not to turn off the magnetic timeline which has been asked over and over in this forum. As a matter of fact, the magnetic timeline does turn off if you know how to use it and it's been there since day 1, like favorites.

Oliver wants to break up 100 cameras in to 100 Events. I'd use one Event and metadata. (No offense, Oliver, just saying).

There is no editing 101 when it comes to interface, only metaphors to technical limitations that have existed for a very long time.

It's time to embrace Editing 102, or stick with 101, there's plenty of places that still teach it.

FCPX has the modern production metaphor of grouping down. In my edits, more and more and more, handling large groups of footage is the norm. It's no longer one camera, one shoot, but I guess programmers don't know us like we know us.


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