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Charlie Austin
Re: FCP X as a database
on Nov 7, 2012 at 12:44:37 am

[Aindreas Gallagher] "You cannot deny that you are in a different house now

I'll give ya that... it's a nice new house. ;-) Needs some finish work, but it's quite comfortable. lol

[Aindreas Gallagher] ... Given that multiple event calls may occur over even say a ten day commercial project, are you willing to flow them into a single event, or do you begin to produce multiple events to delineate significantly different material? Is it event worthy? or do you try to hive it into tags?

Of course I'd flow them into an Individual event, just as I'd put them all into an individual FCP 7 project. What I'm trying to understand, is why you feel that an Event needs to act any differently than an FCP 7 project. Let's leave MC and Pr aside here, since both you and I are (I think) mostly coming from FCP 7. Take your example above. Why do you feel that you would need to have multiple event calls for this hypothetical project?

If I was cutting this in 7, I'd just make a Project, and start organizing my footage within it. Create some folders, Day 1, Day 2, etc, maybe put subfolders in each folder, A Cam, B Cam, Second Unit... whatever. As media came in I'd either import it to the project and then drop it in the proper folder, or just drag from the Finder. Then I'd create a Cuts bin, put a sequence in it, and start cutting. Not make 10 separate FCP 7 projects, 1 for each days shoot, that would be retar.. uh, dumb right?

I'd do the exact same thing in X... Create an Event, Make some folders in the Event- Day 1, Day 2, etc. In each folder I'd create collections -A Cam, B Cam, Second Unit etc As media came in I'd either import it to the project and then drop it on the proper collection, or just drag from the Finder. Exactly the same. There's no reason to organize anything differently than FCP 7, it's all semantics. Everything lives in one Event. OK, not everything. The sequences live in their own space.

For those I just make a new X project, create a folder in the project library with the same name as the event, put the project in it, and start cutting, organizing different versions into subfolders etc, exactly as I do in 7. The only difference is that all my cuts live in a separate folder, one separate folder... which as i've opined before, is a good thing

[Aindreas Gallagher] Follow me here: Events are a little too important, and they don't do quite enough. And yet there is nothing beyond or above them.
forget that we can make disk images externally to cobble the parts of a given piece together (which is a hack)

the problem here is that there is nothing to intellectually hold those events, that will arise, together within FCPX. they are all just stars on the far right.

Again, I really think that you're visualizing Events the wrong way. Forget disk images for now, I only brought them up earlier as an idea for archiving stuff, though they obviously are being used to manage events. And I must add that I use Event Manager, which makes things a whole lot simpler than it was even with FCP 7, where I had to hunt around in a folder full of projects to open what i want, assuming I didn't accidentally save it to the wrong place, which never happens right? ;-) Apple should buy it and bundle it with the app or fold the functionality into X. But if you, or anyone for that matter, are messing around with X it'll be the best $5 you ever spent. Anyway...

If Events are just stars on the far right, then FCP 7 projects are just a bunch of tabs at the top of a window. You seem to be thinking of X Events as being analogous to the bins (folders) inside an FCP 7 Project , which they are not. I can create one Event for one job, no matter how much different footage, audio, graphics etc I have for that job. Just like an FCP 7 project, it all goes into, and is organized, in the single event. And all the sequences (projects) associated with that Event go in a single project folder with the the same name as the event (fwiw, I add "cuts" to the name). So, yes, i have to open 2 things instead of 1, but really, it's not a big deal, especially with Event Manager.

[Aindreas Gallagher] FCPX, as an editing system, simply lacks an editing project organisational transparency layer for the editor who might walk into it freelance....

...If I walk in to refine a five month old ad at a facility, and like a photo archive, there are seven or eight odd events open in FCPX from the last guy, what exactly in the hell are my instructions? are they finder instructions? What folders am I moving? ...

This system as an editing system needs to be able to call and reconfigure its elements (that is to say call and negate all projects and call and negate all events) at the behest of a client specific number coded application call....

...FCPX needs to be able to completely swop out all of its events and projects instantaneously, at some kind of externally driven command.

Well, you'd be in the same boat if you walked into an FCP 7 shop with no instructions and were presented with a finder folder full of dozens of cryptically named projects, but I get what you're saying here. My response is... you can do all that. Get Event Manager. It addresses every concern you just expressed. Seriously. Tick the boxes for the event and it's associated project folder, press a button, done. Of course you could argue that that should be built into or bundled with X. I agree. And there are probably a lot of people who don't need or care about that but as a pro, I need it. So I bought it.

C'mon man, it's 5 bucks... I thought you were British, not a Scot. ;-)


~"It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools."~

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