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Charlie Austin
Re: FCP X as a database
on Nov 6, 2012 at 12:32:15 am

[Aindreas Gallagher]
basically I think events are too tank like, and fundamentally misfired as primary editing data objects containers - in essence an event is neither, and can be neither, a classical bin within a project super structure, or a classical project containing footage and sequences.

Can't be? The Event is the project. I don't know what you guys are doing, but I no more look to the Event itself to find my media than I try to see my media by clicking on a projects tab in FCP 7. It's an object that contains all my media, which i have organized into bins. It just happens to show all the media in the project if I highlight it.

You're right that it doesn't hold sequences, which is a godsend for me as I often have at least 50 sequences in a project, in many cases double that. My project (Event) stays nice and manageable and organized, and my sequences (projects) can multiply like bacteria without cluttering up my Event. And I can keep all those sequences organized very nicely on their own. It makes perfect sense. I friggin hate hunting through every bin in my FCP projects looking for a sequence, expanding folders, opening folders in new tabs that fill up my second monitor, moving windows so I can see the newly opened bin tabs underneath it. You find that conducive to editing?

[Aindreas Gallagher] but in editing, the primary object is not the specific card banks coming in, or the container they might reside in - the primary object is the client or personally assigned editing goal - that is the entire game - new every time - You name the project with what it is designed to be, and begin assembling the myriad bits of material associated with the overall editorial.

Yes, as an editor, I do this in FCP X. I could give a shit about the card banks or the container. Are you saying the FCP 7 project isn't a container? If your point is that the sequences aren't living in the event then uh... I don't see how this makes a difference in the creative process. And if you must, you can do all your edits in Compound Clips in the event. Why you'd want to is beyond me, but you can.

[Aindreas Gallagher] ..because the ingest event is the application ceiling, Apple have effectively lopped the head off the editing organisational structure - it is dispersed into undifferentiated events and projects - hence we all get to deactivate events - on a per session basis, in order to try to re-assert basic per project priority.

Huh? So you're telling me that in FCP 7 you never open and close projects? Again... The Event is the project, it's not undifferentiated, it has a name just like it does in FCP 7. Instead of making a folder in my FCP 7 project called "cuts" and then putting all the sequences in subfolders by name I just put my projects into folders with the same name as the Event in the project library. It's effectively the same.

[Aindreas Gallagher] To be more plain: everywhere anyone walks into - You have assigned editing objects - but those objects are editorial, narrative, or commercial goals - those are the over riding concern - not the video data containers they might contain. The fact that FCPX cannot configure itself to represent a single goal, as opposed to an archive of events and dispersed editing sequences, means that - and this should come as no surprise to anyone, not alone is FCPX going nowhere, its almost impossible to see how it could ever have gone anywhere.

I really have no idea what you're trying to say here. "cannot configure itself to represent a single goal"? "Dispersed editing sequences"? Every one of my X Events is organized exactly the same as my FCP & projects. Seriously, exactly the same structure, bin (collection) names, everything. My projects (sequences) are organized exactly the same as well, with an added bonus that they have their own library in which i can organize them. I really don't get all the hand wringing here... There's a bunch of shit in X that bugs me, but the organizational structure is not one of them. It's way better than "classic".

[Aindreas Gallagher] We're talking an incredibly fundamental flaw in approach no?"

No. :-)


~"It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools."~

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