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Charlie Austin
Re: FCP X as a database
on Nov 4, 2012 at 10:25:55 pm

[Oliver Peters] " a production that would generate 100 Events and 100 Projects. I don't mean the software can't handle it (though I have my doubts) - rather that the interface does not effectively support it for the operator."

Not really a reply to the thread topic, but on the above point, the 5 bucks spent on Event Manager makes managing projects and events *way* easier than in FCP 7. And FWIW, I've got at least one event that has close to 100 projects (multiple spots with multiple versions) associated with it. The software handles it just fine. It's trivial to organize projects into Folders/Subfolders in the Project Library, and use Event Manager to open and close whatever is needed.

Now you could argue that FCP X can't do it alone, but it;s kind of like complaining about an NLE because it doesn't have every plug in on earth built in. Some people don't need to manage huge piles of projects and events. Those that do, buy the add on...

One more point re: metadata, Roles in particular. I send out OMF's/AAF's for post mixing. Due to the nature of the trailer/promo biz, I really don't have the luxury of being able to take the time to maintain perfectly split audio while I'm cutting. Just cram it wherever it fit.s 'cuz the client wants to see it *now*. (this is why I don't miss tracks at all, but that's another topic...) And since, once again, OMF/AAF export isn't built into FCP X, I gotta spend some money to get that functionality.

But... In other NLE's, I need to spend X amount of time splitting out my tracks before I send it to a mix. In X, since I've assigned Roles metadata to my audio - which, BTW, takes way less time than patching tracks and playing track Tetris while I cut - all I need to do is tell X2Pro what order to group my Roles, press a button, and it's done. Based on my hourly rate, X2Pro on paid for itself after using it twice. And I never have to do splits again. :-) *That* is an example of a cool feature of X as a database.


~"It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools."~

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