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Re: Did anyone lose their job after FCPX mistake ?

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Charlie Austin
Re: Did anyone lose their job after FCPX mistake ?
on Aug 15, 2012 at 9:43:17 pm

[randall wurster] "The standard Movie maker, iMovie, whatever free editing app is on your system, etc. all feature what amounts to "trackless" editing because its geared towards the average user that the creator of said software deemed incapable of dealing with a track system.

Incapable? lol. How about an editor who doesn't want to waste time "patching" tracks like a 1920's telephone operator? I like trackless editing because I generally have 16-24 "tracks" of audio cut in at any given time. It's nice to have the software figure out where it'll fit, and organize it for me. I can thenconcentrate on cutting and fine tune the organization later if i want to. Now, if that doesn't suit your workflow, cool. But I assure you, I'm quite capable of "dealing with" tracks. I just happen to like the fact that I can finally stop dealing with them. :-)

[randall wurster] Again, purely my opinion, but "trackless" editing is just watered-down editing. It's been around for a while, and FCPX repackaged it as something revolutionary because it fit into the iMovie crowd they were targeting.

iMovie crowd? Seriously? Other than some underlying data structure features, superficial interface similarities, and some (admittedly unfortunate) effect names, iMovie and FCP X have very little in common, And honestly, what's wrong with iMovie? Not enough buttons for ya? ;-)

[randall wurster] Now, it might so happen that it has use for specific pro or prosumer workflows (music videos, wedding videographer, and maybe, maybe some documentary stuff spring to mind).

Why do you feel that way? Just because you don't like FCP X? It seems you've made up your mind that it sucks, which is fine. But do you really need to justify that decision by subtly denigrating people who aren't necessarily working on whatever it is you work on - which for some reason you feel is more "professional" than that?

By the way... are you actually familiar with music video editing? Have ya seen a music video lately? That sh*t is hardly amateur hour. Just sayin'.

[randall wurster] Bottom line, if you edit with the keyboard, if you know all your shortcuts, if you know your footage inside and out, you don't need the gimmick that is the magnetic timeline. Crap like that just slows you down.

Well, speaking for myself, I know and do all the above and, uh... no it doesn't.

**Actually, to be fair, it does slow you down 'til you wrap your head around it. After that it speeds you up. ;-)


~"It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools."~

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