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Re: After a year has perception of FCPX changed?

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Andy NeilRe: After a year has perception of FCPX changed?
by on May 23, 2012 at 3:10:40 pm

[Greg Andonian] "Now, my opinion has changed to, 'The stability issues have gotten much better and a few new professional features have been added, but it's basically a souped-up version of iMovie.'"

[Greg Andonian] "Apple trumpeted FCPX like it was brand new and revolutionary, and it wasn't. Most of the core functionality in X already existed in iMovie before FCPX came out."

And here we have the perfect example of how the stigma of FCPX persists in the face of facts.

Aside from some asthetic considerations, there is very little alike between iMovie and FCPX. Certainly nothing in their "core" functionality.

The magnetic timeline is not a "core" function of FCPX although it's often mistaken for one. The magnetic timeline is simply a reverse default to functionality that has existed in Avid for years: sync locks. If you've ever cut on an Avid with sync locks on, then it's identical to cutting with FCPX's magnetic timeline.

A core function of FCPX is the parent/child relationship. This only exists in FCPX and I suspect is one of the key things that people like or dislike about the program.

However, this does not exist in iMovie. In iMovie you can't even have one clip on top of another. I would even argue that iMovie doesn't have a timeline at all but rather a rudimentary storyboard where clip length can be edited.

Both iMovie and FCPX have Event Library's, but aside from the name, they have little in common and an Event Library is hardly a core function of the program. After all, every NLE needs a project window where the clips are stored. Avid has one, Premiere has one. FCPX calls it an event library, but it functions similarly.

What IS a core function is the keyword collections. There is no such thing in iMovie. All your clips are in events and it's the only way to organize them. FCPX has a highly developed, database driven, organizational structure.

Here's a primer for those wanting to know what's alike and not between iMovie and FCPX.


They both call their project window "Event Library."

The icon for selecting a range is the same.

They both offer connectivity with iPhoto and iTunes

They both offer clip favoriting/rejecting


Everything else.

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