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Re: Thank you Apple - and don't change course. Please

COW Forums : Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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Bill DavisRe: Thank you Apple - and don't change course. Please
by on May 4, 2012 at 6:32:45 am

B>[Chris Harlan] "I was going to AFI new media convergence seminars back in the last century. You may or may not have noticed but our two most recent labor disputes were over issues related to this very subject. You constantly talk as if we in film and television are somehow oblivious to the Internet. That might have had some cachet in 1993, but trust me, we've moved on."

Geez, dude. Your slip may not be, but you're arrogance is showing. In your world the only editor worth listening to is one who can drop by an AFI "new media convergence seminar" at the drop of a hat. Or for whom unionization is a functional issue.

News flash. Over the globe, that's a fraction of a fraction of the people who edit for money. Some for a LOT of money.

And for sure, let's not tell the poor folks outside LA, NY, Chicago, and London that they're just dismissible rubes - might make them feel like their editing isn't REAL editing, okay?

[Chris Harlan] "And you keep talking about how X is somehow key to this whole thing. I don't get that. I mean other than classifying it as wishful thinking on your part. It just ain't that special.

Well Chris, if you're correct and what's happening in editing is "just ain't that special" - then this whole forum is a waste of time. Isn't it.

We've spent a year talking about what X and it's competitors strategies might be for the future -and what that might mean to ALL editors. Not just those who have Broadcast Engineering sitting on the coffee table in the waiting room of their stand-alone production building.

You actually amaze me with your single-minded focus that all "worthwhile" editing must be what's done by people just like you.

And screw the poor saps working everywhere else. Anything that meets their needs, but not yours is crap. I get it now.

I'll get right to work on a new T-shirt for you. "If you don't cut in LA, you don't really count.'

I'm sure you'll wear it with tremendous pride.

"Before speaking out ask yourself whether your words are true, whether they are respectful and whether they are needed in our civil discussions."-Justice O'Connor

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