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Scott Sheriff
Re: Thank you Apple - and don't change course. Please
on May 3, 2012 at 8:45:31 am

[Carsten Orlt] "Now why the subject line? Because I honestly think that FCPx is a great story telling tool! No it's not the super app that does your multi million dollar VFX as well. Nor is it the DAW that has unlimited tracks and buses etc. And thank god it is not!!! And I hope it'll never be! And I can't stress this enough.

Why do I say this? Because my prime work is to tell a story. I have the odd super or still graphic to include and I do a little audio sweetening for rough or fine cut presentation or if I need to put something on the net. Same goes for CC. FCPx can exactly do that for me and do it in a very clever and easy to understand way, and without a hundred menus and buttons I will never use."

The whole "storyteller" and "artist" paradigm is getting overplayed, and tired. It's straight out of the 'Stereotypes R Us' catalog. Do you wear a beret when you edit?
From that couple of paragraphs, I can only imagine you are either 80 years old, and with so few years left you don't think your career will advance beyond your current needs before you assume room temp...
Your career path is pretty much YT, or Vimeo art/hobby pieces, and you don't see a future where anything other than the basics, or any type of collaborative effort will be required. Sort of like a video version of Lomography.

[Carsten Orlt] " Sure you can do everything you want in FCP7..."
Well that is not necessarily true. While you can do a lot with FCS, it's pretty easy to max it out. If you want to native edit with footage that is over 4k in frame size, you will have to go somewhere else. If you need more than 99 audio, or video tracks, you will ether have to bake or use a different app. Lots of editors have FCS, AE, ProTools and Smoke on their machines. I like Final Cut, but it really isn't all that difficult, or high end. Try learning Maya, Lightwave or Blender.

[Carsten Orlt] "No it's not the super app that does your multi million dollar VFX as well. Nor is it the DAW that has unlimited tracks and buses etc. And thank god it is not!!! And I hope it'll never be! And I can't stress this enough."

[Carsten Orlt] "Always great to come back here and read all the things people are passionate about. Only downside is sometimes this nasty 'my way or the highway' crap.."

These two statements seem to be in direct conflict. You desire that X should never be anything other than some generic, entry level type tool because that's your speed, so does that me everyone else has to suffer?

I'm glad that X meets all your current, and future needs. What does that say? Think about that. X hasn't even been out for a year.
I guess it must be hard for you to understand that there are those of us out there that need, want, and can handle a lot more horsepower than X will ever deliver. And that we have some pretty big investments tied to the apple brand, in both hardware and software, and in that respect apple has let us down, and failed to meet our expectations. This is why we are passionate about this. As a someone that uses FCS, I don't give a rats ass about X, iMovie, or even Express. Had apple continued with FCS, and simply introduced X into the mix, there wouldn't be an issue.
Where you, and others like you make your big mistake is acting like those of us that were expecting FCP8, or FCS4 and didn't get it, want to take your toys away. I've never understood this. No one said anything like that. This is a straw man created by fanboys to defend, the undefendable.
Long before movie hero came along there was FC Express, and iMovie. A couple of aps that didn't have "hundred menus and buttons I will never use", to use your words. These were perfectly suited for the dilettantes, or hobbyists that wanted to play TV. In all the hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of posts where working editors were pining for this and that to be included in the next version of FCP, you will not find ANY where those that need a full blown editing tool wished to take away choices from those that don't need anything more than iMovie, or Express.
But therein lies the difference.
Where once there were three choices (iMovie, Express and FCP) for editing in the apple world, now there is one. And apple says, if that doesn't suit you, too bad, so sad.
And for this you're thankful? I don't get that. So you're perfectly happy to support and defend apple, after it has told the folks that helped get them to where they're at (sales and development wise), we don't need you, are not going to support you anymore, and you no longer have a choice.
Apple says jump, and the only question the fanboys ask is "how high"? But there are a few of us that refuse to be cattle driven off the edge of the cliff.
IMO, if anything sounds like "nasty my way, or the highway crap", it is the no notice EOL of FCP, and Express by your beloved apple, leaving the users with X and iMovie being the only choices, other than to migrate. That is ironic.
As I said before, no one in this, or any other forum ever once suggested taking away your storytelling tools, but you seem to be perfectly OK with the loss of ours. After all, your subject line says "Thank you Apple - and don't change course. Please".
So we bitched about the loss of our tools, the loss of choice, lack of notice, and get zero support from folks like yourself. Besides being perplexed by this attitude, I find it quite distasteful how so many fans of X are not just unsympathetic to the situation other editors and business owners find themselves in, but that they seem to be quite happy about it.
What the heck? As long as you have what you want, who cares about the rest of us? Right?
There are lots of reasons why you should care, but I'll just pick one.
Past performance is the best indicator of future behavior. They killed Final Cut Server, Shake, Final Cut Express, and of course Final Cut Studio. Some day they'll kill X too, and leave all the X users high and dry. And they will probably do it without any notice, and when it's the least convenient for you. And when it happens, you'll probably have to migrate to not only a new NLE, but a new OS and new hardware. And by then, maybe you'll have some legacy projects you might need to open, and can't. Or the codec that all your material is in, won't run on your new system, etc...
That is the day you will see when this stuff happens to you, why it's not very lulzy. And when that day comes, I bet you won't be posting any 'thank you apple' notices either.

Scott Sheriff

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." ---Red Adair

Where were you on 6/21?

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