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Thank you Apple - and don't change course. Please

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Carsten Orlt
Thank you Apple - and don't change course. Please
on May 3, 2012 at 1:53:44 am

Always great to come back here and read all the things people are passionate about. Only downside is sometimes this nasty 'my way or the highway' crap..

Now I would like to voice my OPINION ( I wrote this in capitals to stress the fact that it is an opinion and not the almighty truth :-)

First I encourage everybody (if you haven't done already) to read the following paper from Apple:
This is the closest we'll get to hear from the developers to why they did it the way they did. Not conclusive but I did find some really interesting bits in there which for me cleared things up a little.

Now why the subject line? Because I honestly think that FCPx is a great story telling tool! No it's not the super app that does your multi million dollar VFX as well. Nor is it the DAW that has unlimited tracks and buses etc. And thank god it is not!!! And I hope it'll never be! And I can't stress this enough.

Why do I say this? Because my prime work is to tell a story. I have the odd super or still graphic to include and I do a little audio sweetening for rough or fine cut presentation or if I need to put something on the net. Same goes for CC. FCPx can exactly do that for me and do it in a very clever and easy to understand way, and without a hundred menus and buttons I will never use.

Same as everybody else I was struggling at first with the new concept of FCPx. It took me a while to get to this conclusion, but the main breakthrough came after spending some time with FCPx and trying to understand it, I did go back to edit a project on FCP7. And I finally understood why the timeline in FCPx is the way it is. Sure you can do everything you want in FCP7 but all the steps I needed to do when tracks were colliding or the gabs I needed to create to shuffle things around are just not necessary in FCPx. And the only downside I can see right now is that you maybe loose the visual (and it's visual only because all audio clips still play the same) organisational structure a track system gives you where e.g music is always on your bottom tracks. Again this is from a story teller point of view not from the VFX or DAW point of view. So in my opinion (the word again) Apple clearly did make it better, not just different.

A lot of discussion here is also about native format support. I understand if you have fast turnarounds you like the fact that nothing needs to be transcoded initially (eventually it will). When you work for month on a single project I couldn't care less about a few nights the computer humming away to get footage transcoded. Again exactly what FCPx does best. Ingest fast to get going and transcode in background. So mercury engine is cool but not necessary.
Do I need Autodesk. God forbid. There are much smarter people than me out there that specialise in VFX. Nobody needs another I can do this too now, but it'll look really crap. Same goes for Audio.

So for me the main tool I need is the editing tool. It needs to be simple and not get in my way. And I think Apple actually advanced this part dramatically.

And that is why I hope Apple will not buckle under the pressure from the crowd (meant here in the nicest possible way :-) and stick to its principles regarding FCPx. Keep it simple (though fix the bugs of course) and provide the hooks to pass on my work to others where I need to.

PS same actually goes for the MacPro discussion. I totally understand if you are heavily in VFX you might need the biggest, beefiest beast out there and you want to get it for as little as you can find. I do not need this. And I like the idea that by using thunderbolt I can separate the CPU from the GPU from the i/o and can easily carry things around, swap componends etc.

So even though Apple confused me in the beginning, they ultimately again delivered the goods. And that's why I stick with them. Nope, not all is perfect, but from my point of view a heck lot better than the alternatives. (I just love their attention to detail. I still get exited whenever I swap the power plug on an Apple power supply. Simple and solid, same solution for direct to plug or with cord extension, same on all power supplies. Just masterful design)

That is my story. What is yours?


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