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Re: Insanely Simple the book and Steve Jobs.

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Jules bowman
Re: Insanely Simple the book and Steve Jobs.
on May 2, 2012 at 9:41:52 am

"If you can't see the shifting of the editing industry, I can't help you. If you think some vaunted "high end" skill set is enough to prosper in the world where there are millions of new people taking up editing every year - where there once was thousands - again, I can't help you."

So, dear Billiam, what exactly is this shifting of the editing industry then? And I mean spell it out, not airy sweeping statements based on your perceptions such as 'independents leveraging the power of the internet through digital media and an increased flexibility of a trackless paradigm in tune with the social and political evolution of moving image as a viable commercial entity in a high octane capitalist environment that demands delivery yesterday and results right now': but actually factual proof that my "high end" skill set is not enough for me to continue to make the perfectly acceptable living I have been doing so for 10 years.

Are you suggesting that my business is under threat because 'millions of new people' [*notation please, sounds like an airy sweeping statement based upon your perceptions rather than fact] are starting to use FC10? Because that is how that comment came across. I may be wrong, but it sounds to me like you are privy to the shifting of the dynamic of professional filmmaking and I am not and because I insist on wanting tracks on my timeline and a project to be called a project some whippersnapper with a macbook pro and FC10 is going to steal away my clients.

Last time I checked, most major film and TV was done in post houses which will continue, for a rather long tired time dear Billiam, to use Avid first and FCP7 second (with I believe we will see a shift of that section to Adobe over the next couple of years), so can't see a shift there. And then all the independents will use what they want. Some will want to embrace the work-around-athon of FC10. Others will shift to Adobe. Others still will use other platforms. All of which, again, doesn't really suggest any sort of shift or threat to my prosperity in what I do.

So what is it mate? What is this shift I cannot see? Is it the internet Bill? The same one i've been delivering via for the last 10 years? Or is it digital media bill, rather than tape? The same shift I seemlessly embraced whilst eating my crunchie nut cornflakes? Or is it that someone can enter the market, Bill, with a 13" macbook, FC10 and an iPhone 4s Bill, and as such because I still use tracks on an EDL over 4 years old all my clients are going to flock to them because they're, y'know, cool dude?

Or is this shift something else Bill? What is it. Pray tell. Enlighten. Illuminate (*Factually please. Thanks in advance)

You are still throwing around this - YOU WILL FAIL BECAUSE YOU CANNOT EVOLVE - schtick and it is nonsense dear Billiam. To be honest mate I could ditch FCP7 and pick up Pinnacle Studio and I will still succeed. Why? Because I can frame a shot, I am good with people and I can cut a story. I won't use Pinnacle Studio because currently FCP7 is much better. And I will move to PP CS6 soon enough. I doubt I will ever use FC10 because everything I have read about it suggests to me what you may gain in some areas is completely outweighed by what you lose in others. Plus it doesn't have tracks.

And guess what, dear Billiam, my business will not suffer a jot because of my choice, laid out above. So you don't even need to help me. Something which, I may add, pleases me no end.

If you STOPPED with your nonsense about FC10 HATERS BEING UNABLE TO EVOLVE AND GRASP THE SHIFTING PARADIGM OF THE INDUSTRY b*ll*cks, you may actually start feeling a little warmth towards your admittedly somewhat blinkered fundamentalist view of FC10. people may actually go, 'well that bill fella he has found a use for it so maybe it isn't as shite as we think. But no mate, you have no sense of anything other than your own navel fluff, and that is why you are so irritating to so many.

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