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Re: Range-based keywording: unique to FCP X?

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Bill Davis
Re: Range-based keywording: unique to FCP X?
on Apr 3, 2012 at 7:12:39 pm

[Richard Herd] " If I'm looking for a particular piece of footage, I want X to tell me its own Drive_A then I can plug it in and get the footage. "

This gets so frustrating after a while.

That's NOT how X is designed, Richard. What you're describing is how Legacy was designed.

Back then, our Capture Scratches were simple folders of clips and all that was required was a pointer in the software to the location. So storing clips in separate places off-line and connecting to them to the editor made perfect sense. Where you stored them and how you named them and whether you moved them somewhere else or not was trivial. Just update the connection info and keep moving.

In X, the Project Library the Event Browser and the Timeline are always connected - for extremely valid reasons that provided a lot more power and flexibility - once you become accustomed to it. The cost for that is that you can't just move stuff willy nilly. So instead of loading up "clips" you load up whole PROJECTS - and the expectation is that ALL the clips for that project will be in fixed locations and dependably accessible for X. You shouldn't really ever have to go looking for them, because they'll already be there - embedded in the fabric of the project database.

And this (along with a lot of other new thinking) has been a major hurdle to all those who spent truly significant time operating any traditional NLE interface before migrating to X. This program is fundamentally different. It's built on different ideas and different ways of defining tasks. And if you approach it with anything but an open mind - willing to re-think how things might function - you'll be running up against walls unnecessarily, IMO.

Blow "I need to connect clips" out of your thinking if you want to operate efficiently in X.

Substitute "'I need to build a reliable database of all my assets - so I can access and use ANY of those assets - across any and all present and future projects."

The joy is that in the new system - anything (edit decisions, color correction, audio levels - you apply to your captured assets in the Event Browser - remain available for use in all subsequent projects. So you're building a persistent body of assets "as you like them" as you operate X. The database of your edit decisions grows and grows and makes you life easier and easier the longer you work in X.

When legacy was born, storage was expensive and computers were slower. Today, storage is cheap and computers and networks are ever faster. X is building toward that future. All your past editing decisions - preserved - constantly on - and available to you to use or modify as you like.

So hopefully "where's that clip so I can link to it" will be completely unnecessary in the future X is building towards - because it will always be right where it's always been - connected to your editing system.

Ready when you need it.


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