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Re: Photoshop CS6 Beta released, with magnetic timeline!

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David Lawrence
Re: Photoshop CS6 Beta released, with magnetic timeline!
on Mar 24, 2012 at 9:07:52 am

[Bill Davis] "To your first line, yes there are. And you can do that within X. The process is different, but every bit as easy. Remember, it's all metadata. So duping a Project is just copying metadata code. No media or anything large and unwieldy. So what's the problem?"

The problem is when you duplicate a project (I assume you're talking about command-D, if there's another way please let me know) you're making a copy of the entire project database. The duplicate CurrentVersion.fcpproject is the exact same size as the source. It's not metadata at all. It's a full copy of the entire project database and everything it contains.

If a project is 10MB, the duplicate CurrentVersion.fcpproject is 10MB. If your project bloats to 10GB, your duplicate project will be 10GB.

All to export a 5-second asset that might be thrown away after one quick viewing? I'm sorry, being forced to duplicate the entire project database isn't "different" or "every bit as easy". It's mind numbingly stupid.

[Bill Davis] "I don't imagine you have a problem copying a resume or script to make revisions. So why the reluctance to copy the pointers represented by a project?"

They're not "just pointers", Bill. You're copying the entire database structure and content. It's a bit more complex then you seem to realize. On top of that, FCPX's database handling is currently a mess and seems to corrupt if you look at it the wrong way. Given the fragility of 10.0.3, the workflow you suggest sounds like an invitation for trouble.

[Bill Davis] "If you can't see how you can do the same thing in a new way that's actually no more complex than the old way - then there's probably little I can do to convince you."

The reason you can't convince me is because you can't do the same thing. In FCP7, mark in and out on the timeline, then export (in whatever format you want) from the file menu. Done. In FCPX, duplicate the entire project database (no matter how big, maybe it's in the GBs), then open the duplicate, then trim the duplicate, then "share". This is NOT the same thing. It's a bunch of extra work and a bunch of extra file overhead.

[Bill Davis] "Versioning in document creation is real and is being coded into al sorts of modern software. And it requires us to adjust our thinking.

Perhaps you'll never want those particular benefits. But I can see the usefulness. So I want it."

You're making a false assumption about why one might export a range. I'm not talking about versioning. I'm talking about saving an asset. Different intent. Different use. Maybe it's a one-off that will be used and thrown away. Who knows? I export ranges all the time. Being forced to duplicate the entire project database just to spit out an asset is stupid and wasteful.

[Bill Davis] "Similarly if Duplicate Project gets me the same result as "range export" and keeps, as a simple example, my access to change and undo available in both versions - (impossible in Legacy's export) then that's something I might find useful even if you don't."

Glad you like it, hope you never have an experience like Jim Giberti's. I don't see value. All I see is extra work, a bloated project library, and risk of corruption. All because Apple forgot one the most basic features an NLE can have.

It's a flaw. It has nothing to do with The Cloud, versioning, or anything else. It's an easily fixable flaw. Apple just needs to fix it.

David Lawrence

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