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Re: What if there actually IS a new Mac Pro?

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Tim Wilson
Re: What if there actually IS a new Mac Pro?
on Mar 15, 2012 at 8:15:16 am

[Jeremy Garchow] "The handling of the end of fcp7 and the beginning of fcpx has been very poor. People should be pissed off.

But if I switch to windows everything, is my future that much more secure because Microsoft said that there's going to be the next version of their OS in three years? Ya got me...."

Dude, you know I admire and respect you, but I feel like you're mocking me because I gave you a thorough answer. You asked whether other companies have roadmaps, I gave you most of a dozen examples from an OS and a computer company off the top of my head, speaking directly to specific communities that do in fact have overlaps with ours.

Let's start with the HP e3000, which you're trying to tell me was blue chip. Nope: maximum capacity of 146 gigs in a 3.5" form factor. You could fit 20 of 'em in a rack for a total of 3TB storage, but that's it! Three terabytes is NOT blue chip -- and yet HP provided years of warning that it was going to go away, and support after the fact.

In fact, even though HP announced a 5-year sunset, the e3000 lived on nearly NINE more years because there was demand to support it.

Sound familiar? No, it doesn't. Apple doesn't do that. Not five years warning for EOL, not five weeks, not five days. No public promise of future support explained on new, dedicated web portals designed for resellers, developers AND customers.

And Apple keep products alive because there's demand? Are you kidding me?

You're also minimizing the importance of the reveal re: Windows 8 in 2009. The point wasn't that a new OS was coming in 2012. It's that MSFT was offering specific guidance to developers AND consumers about what was IN that OS, and how to get from here to there.

They also posted a CONSUMER-directed page showing their roadmap for OS support and obsolescence over a period of years. Has Apple evealed plans for what's coming years in advance? Offered lengthy public betas? No. Has Microsoft? Yes.

HP's guidance on what to expect from the Compaq merger was replete with consumer information, all the way down to home wireless networking and Bluetooth. Dude, there was a Bluetooth roadmap! They even gave the REASONS for the way they merged stuff at the CONSUMER level. So it's actually very, very easy to compare apples to Apples, even for consumers.

See why I think you're straw-dogging me here? I feel like you're trying to make it sound like I'm pulling stuff out of thin air that has nothing to do with anything like what Apple is doing. It's just not true.

Last one. Your new Dreamcolor monitor comes with VGA to DVI cables. Not because this is a good idea -- HP is adamant that it's a BAD idea, and the documentation warns of the consequences...but it's also not their job to MAKE you throw out all your old stuff, just because you want a single new component.

Think different, all right. This is very, very different from Apple.

THAT's what you think about counting on. A multi-year roadmap for your OS. A specific description of the future support provided for that OS, and a schedule for when that support will end years down the line. Loooong public betas. Your computer company NOT forcing you to upgrade everything to upgrade one thing. Giving you long lead times before hardware EOL, and a support roadmap for afterward.

I'm not saying that Apple is evil for doing it their way. Hey, their ball, their rules. It's working for them, and making their stockholders rich. It's good for America.

But their kind of secrecy is by no means universal. The fact is that if you want open vendor partners, you choose Microsoft and HP. If you want closed, you choose Apple.

Ironic, eh?

Look, you have to decide which you trust more: what Apple isn't telling you, or what MSFT and HP ARE telling you. I get why people choose the former, but I also get why more and more people are refusing to.

For the other companies you mentioned, you already know everything you need to know. For plug-in developers, roadmaps make no sense because plug-ins are designed to plug in to WHATEVER comes along -- but what comes along is out of their hands. Blackmagic give a roadmap? Well, it depends who they buy or what pops out of Grant Petty's head tomorrow, but it's going to cost less, or do more for the same price, and generally work better than what's available today. Hard drive vendors? Faster, smaller, cheaper. Etc, etc, etc.

THESE have zero comparison to Apple's OS or machine plans. Microsoft and HP are EXACT comparisons.

For industrial design, though, I'm not aware of anyone giving roadmaps -- not blenders or bathroom scales, certainly not cars or computers.

Of course, other than a brief wobble that led to one scurvy dog walking the plank, I see HP peeling off their consumer devices to focus on pro computer customers. How's THAT for a compare/contrast scenario?

You can say that HP tried and failed at the device game, and I won't argue. It doesn't change the outcome. Consumer devices, fading. Investment in professional computing, doubling down.

Last note on that count: it wasn't the enterprise who provided the largest input into the Z series workstations -- it was media creation pros, which HP has talked about very publicly, based on the kinds of focus groups that Apple is proud of NOT doing.

You'll decide whether or not the camel's back has been broken, but whatever Apple machine you see next will provide no guidance from Apple regarding the future of the kind of professional computers and computing that you're currently relying on.

PS. Sorry I bungled pasting the link for the VMS roadmap in the previous missive. So anyway, yeah, the PPT looks a bit of a mess, but it's talking about the future of stuff like Java, Firefox, SCSI, 10gigE, SSL, LTO5, and lots of other things that we work with every day, even if not in the VMS environment. (Fortran? Really?)

And hey, to my earlier point about knowing roadmaps without asking, you can probably guess Apple's roadmap for every single thing I just mentioned. I'm just saying, if you ask for roadmaps in the realm of OS and computers, even for consumers, I got companies with roadmaps, and I got companies without roadmaps.'>http://h71000.

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