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Re: What if there actually IS a new Mac Pro?

COW Forums : Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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Tim WilsonRe: What if there actually IS a new Mac Pro?
by on Mar 14, 2012 at 8:16:40 pm

[Chris Harlan] "[Herb Sevush] "[Walter Soyka] " for those on the fence, what would make you believe?"

A public statement defining their road-map with a timetable and a promise to publicly announce adjustments to the timetable as need be. I think Apple would be loath to go back on a public commitment. Short of that there's nothing they can say or do that would inspire trust.

This is where I am as well. But I'm fairly convinced that their head is in the post PC market to a degree that such a thing will not happen."

That there is the crux of the biscuit. Other than a "we're bringing back the features we torched" chat from the FCPX guys, Apple has never given roadmaps about anything, have they? Especially not for something that inarguably is outside their core business. iMacs, MacBooks, plenty close enough. Heavy metal cheese graters, no.

So Chris's excellent point becomes the new question: will you buy a Mac without a roadmap?

My prediction, respectfully, is yes, you will. If you haven't said "I'm through trusting you clowns" yet, then I don't see how you're not in for another turn of the crank. A year of shit-covered fans later, it's going to take something a lot more than even a disappointing Mac Pro release to be the last straw for most people who are still in the "I haven't decided yet" camp.

Or, is a weak-enough Mac Pro release (new processor, Thunderbolt, not much else) enough to give someone permission to do what they WANT to do anyway, which is to not bet your family's well-being and your own sanity that Apple's not going to core you at some point?

And hey, tip of the hat to anyone for whom the Apple is still shiny and FCPX is working great. Much love. It's just that I'm getting a lot more insight from these two related threads about who's on the edge, and what it looks like to them. This is worth knowing, 'cause Apple isn't going to try to talk you down from it.

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